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White After Labor Day: A Do or a Do Not?

{Chando Ralph Rucci Fall 2011)

Growing up we had fashion rules drilled into our head: Don’t mix black and brown. Your shoes must match your bag. Don’t wear tights with open toe shoes. And don’t wear white after labor day. But are many of these fashion rules still relevant?

Those in the fashion world say: YES! Rules are meant to be broken and in the fashion world breaking the rules is a daily task. So stop locking up your whites as soon as September 5th rolls around.  White is a great color. It looks crisp and clean. It’s a great color to work into your fall and winter wardrobe.

{ 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011}

But I’m not the only who believes no white after labor day is a thing of the past. Fellow fashion bloggers agree that it’s ok to let your whites come out to play after September 5th:

Pairs W. of Like My New Suspenders: “Being Australian, we’ve never bothered with any form of tradition like that, but even then, doesn’t that mean you can NEVER wear white, because it’s always going to be ‘after’ Labour day? It’s a colour (well, it’s a shade…) so go for it – forget whether or not it’s ‘okay’ from someone else.”

Cassie Walters from Classie: “Absolutely. White is a favorite fashion color of mine. White is so crisp and clean looking and can really brighten a look (or a room) in really dull, drab winter months. I say to keep white kicking all year ’round!

Nina Garcia on Twitter: “#White Is Chic All Year Round: Remember that rules are made to be broken.

{Cupcakes and Cashmere}

There are still some don’ts to keep in mind when wearing white after labor day. The key reason for no white after labor is white was considered to be a summery color. So keep your whites season appropriate. That means keep your white linen pieces packed away. Linen in general is seen as a summer fabric. I would not recommend wearing white shoes either. It looks too summery. Nude, or off white is ok. {This Time Tomorrow}

Here are some tips to rocking white after labor day:

  • Mix in white pieces with thicker fall pieces
  • Keep your whites in thicker fabrics
  • Mix in off hue whites (creams, nudes, off-whites)
  • Pair your whites with masculine pieces (plaid, denim shirts, military jackets) for a unexpected combo.
Heres my white after labor day look: 
{H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Necklace, Forever 21 Jeans, Boots}

So what’s your take on white after labor day? A do or a Don’t?