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Halloween Week Recap

This concludes Halloween Week with Fashion Without Borders. Though I’m sure I’ll throw in a couple more Halloween posts here and there between now and Halloween. So in case you missed any posts, I’m recapping the week:

Classic Costumes: Want a classic costume with a fashion twist. Then take a look at Fashion Without Border’s stylish versions of a Prisoner, 20’s Flapper, Little Red Riding Hood and Mermaid.

Creepy and Chic Halloween Decor: Costumes aren’t the only part of Halloween. Need ideas to turn your home into a creepy, scary yet chic haunted mansion? Read this post.

Stylish yet Scary Costumes: Want to be stylish AND scary this Halloween. Well you can do both with these ideas.

Fashion Halloween Costumes: For you fashion lovers, We have the perfect Halloween costume ideas for you. Check out these ideas inspired by fashion icons.

Stylish Pumpkins: The pumpkin plays a pivotal roll in decorating for Halloween. This year try an unexpected way to style your pumpkins. Check out this post for great ideas.

Unexpected Costume Ideas: Looking for a creative costume for Halloween this year. Check out this post for one-of-a-kind costume ideas.

Halloween Nails: Want a fun Halloween nail design that’s both spooky and sweet. Then check out this tutorial for candy corn and spider web nails.


Fashion Halloween Costumes

For you fashion lovers, Halloween is a great time to embrace your favorite fashionista. So here are some fashion icons for you to become this Halloween:

{Dress, Fur Coat, Sunglasses, Heels, Wig, Necklace}

No fashion-themed costume is better then the style enforcer herself, Anna Wintour. The best thing about this costume is it can be easily worn after Halloween. Pair a bright, stylish dress with a fur coat. Add killer heels, and a statement necklace. Don’t forget her signature bob and round sunglasses. Finish it off by carrying the latest issue of Vogue. You’ll have fashion-lovers drooling all over you all night long.

{Dress, Sunglasses, Clutch, Shoes, Necklace}

There is no better costume then the style and TV queen herself, Carrie Bradshaw. All you have to do is pick out your favorite Carrie look whether it is from the TV show or the movies. I personally loved this white and gold look from the movie. All you need is a white dress paired with a gold clutch, gold aviators, gold sparkle heels and a statement necklace. Don’t forget Carrie’s signature untamed mane. You can try doing it yourself with this tutorial.

{Layered Pearl Necklace, Pearl Necklace, Hair Pin, Dress, Gloves, Eye Liner, Sunglasses, Shoes}

I like to think of Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the original Carrie Bradshaw. She oozed style, sophistication and spontaneity all in one. And the best part about being Holly for Halloween is you probably own most of the costume in your closet already and if not they’ll be a great addition. Start with a basic black dress. Pile on the pearls (lots and lots of them). Add black gloves, black round sunglasses and black pumps. The key to the look is her hairstyle accessorized with a crown-like hair pin. Check out this tutorial to get Holly’s hairstyle. Holly’s make-up is a little easier. The key is the winged out black eyeliner. Check out this tutorial to get Holly’s make-up.

{Blazer, Shirt, Necklace, Tie, Sunglasses, Pants, Shoes, Fingerless gloves}

For all you fashion loving men, Karl Lagerfeld is the perfect costume for you and probably can be made 100% from your closet- except maybe the fingerless gloves I don’t know many guys who have a pair of those laying around. All you need is a white dress shirt, blazer, dress pants and black dress shoes. The key items to the costume that make it Karl Lagerfeld are the fingerless leather gloves, sunglasses, a stylish tie and a bit of bling. Mr. Lagerfeld loves to accessorize. The dye your hair grey and viola you’ll be ready to strut down the Halloween streets.

DIY Halloween Costumes: The Classics

Store bought costumes are so ordinary. This Halloween be extraordinary and create your own costume. Today we’ve taken a few classic costume ideas and given them a stylish twist. The great thing about creating your own stylish costume is it will be one of a kind and you can easily wear the pieces in your day-t0-day wardrobe.

{Dress, Handcuff Necklace, Handcuff Bracelet, Chain Cuff, Booties}

Who’d of though prison stripes could be so chic. Well with this prisoner costume you’ll be doing time style. Find yourself a stylish black and white striped dress. Accessorize with handcuff necklaces and bracelets. Add some chain bracelets and dramatic dark make-up. Need a fun hair idea? Wrap your hair around empty coke cans a la Gaga in Telephone. It’s the jail version of curlers.

{Dress, Headband, Tights, Bag, Heels, Lipstick, Pearls}

A 20’s flapper is a classic and cute Halloween costume idea. And it’s so simple to recreate. All you need is a fringe dress, feather hair piece, fishnet stockings and layers of pearls. Don’t forget a sparkly bag and to smear on a red lip. As for hair try out this cute vintage hair do by Lauren Conrad and for makeup try this tutorial.

{Dress, Basket, Hooded Scarf, White Knee-Highs, Blush, Heels}

Got a red dress sitting in your closet? Well it’s so easy to turn that red dress into a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Add a red hooded scarf or a red hooded cape. Pair it with white knee-highs, basic black pumps and don’t forget the basket. This costume is sweet and demure. Have your make-up reflect that with pinks on your cheeks and eyes. Check out this make-up tutorial for more tip ideas. Now all you need is a big bad wolf.

{Bikini Top, Skirt, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Sandals, Fake Eye Lashes, Ring, Clutch}

Mermaid is a great cute and stylish costume idea. Plus it’s so easy to make. All you need is a green maxi skirt and a bikini top. Accessorize with sea-themed jewelry like seashell necklaces, fish rings, and coral pieces. You can buy seashell jewelry or do it yourself. My favorite thing I found are these sea-themed fake eye lashes. For your hair keep it natural with beachy waves and pin in sea shells. Or try a fish tail braid. Check out this tutorial for mermaid inspired make-up.

Which classic look is your favorite? What will you be for Halloween this year?

Halloween With Style

Vogue Paris got in the Halloween spirit for their October 2010 issue by doing a Masquerade themed photo shoot. With the creepy costumes and untamed hairdos, these models are ready to hit the streets for an unforgettable Halloween look. So how can you channel Vogue Paris this Halloween? For one skip over those packaged “sexy” costumes and opt for a more unique costume. Buy a bob wig and channel your inner Anna Wintour. Or throw on a long fur coat, long blonde wig and hit the streets as Rachel Zoe. Take your Halloween idea and give it a fashion twist.

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A peacock is a popular and cute Halloween costume. But a lot of the pre-made peacock costumes you find at costume stores look cheap and ridiculous. Instead show your style and bring fashion to your Halloween costume. The key to the peacock costume is the peacock feather. So incorporate them as much as you can. You can buy a dress with a peacock feather pattern on it or if your more daring stick with a simple black dress and sew (or glue) on peacock feathers on your bottom. Next is your hair. Peacock feathers are fairly popular in accessories so it shouldn’t be hard to find peacock headbands or hair clips. Or be more creative and make them yourself. Finish it with some feathered earrings, tights and cute heels. You will be the most fashionable peacock on Halloween.

The black cat is a popular symbol for Halloween. You could always opt for that “sexy” cat costume from Victoria Secret but I say do it with style. Start with a pair of black leather leggings (Forver21 $10.80) or a pair of black sequins leggings and your favorite black pumps. Next a black long sleeve shirt (I’m sure you already have one in your closet) and a black faux fur vest. Buy a headband with cat-ears or whip out your hot glue gun and make one yourself. Fur is popular this season so it should be easy to find fur accessories to spice up your costume.  Finish it off with some dramatic cat-eye makeup, black nail polish and red lips. You will have all other girls purring with envy over your fashionable and unique costume.

A witch is a very popular Halloween costume. Most people opt for those sexy pre-packaged witch costumes but this year why not be a sexy witch with style! Take out that sexy black dress out of your closet as the base for your witch costume. Pair it with a pair of lace tights or even better spider web tights. Then add a cute pair of black boots or black pointed toe heels. Add a little edge to your costume by throwing on a leather jacket. Accessorize with some spiked jewelry or spider earrings. Don’t forget a witch hat, it’s what makes the costume. Cute choices are mini witch hats, you can find a lot like the ones pictured at Halloween stores. Complete the ensemble with some sexy smokey eye make-up and a witch themed manicure. Your witch costume will be a great stylish and edgy.

This Halloween my friends and I have opted for a fun group idea. We will be hitting the streets this year dressed as your favorite cereal box characters. This fashionista will be going as Toucan Sam with style. Instead of buying a Toucan Sam costume I’ve decided to make my own costume and give it a fashion twist. First I bought a simple sleeveless dress from Forever 21 (only $12.50). The top of the dress is white so I am dying it blue to look more like Toucan Sam. The bottom of the dress (which is black) I will be covering with blue feathers of a variety of shades. Inspired by the Masquerade shoot I will be wearing a feathery purple/yellow/green/blue mask. For my hair I am going for a wavy, messy look with feathers clipped in. To keep myself warm I will be wearing yellow tights (just like Toucan Sam’s legs) and yellow flats. Unfortunately I don’t have the costume finished or else I would show you pictures to help you understand. Hopefully you get the idea.

So hopefully these costume examples will give you great motivation to do this Halloween with style. Skip the boring pre-packaged option and make your own unique costume couture.