Have comments, questions or suggestions? Need styling tips? Interested in collaborating or interviewing with Fashion Without Borders?

Please send me an email. As well if you want to use one of the original images from Fashion Without Borders please link back to the blog.

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3 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Sophie-

    I wanted to compliment you on your blog, I especially liked your Street Stylin’ Fashionista posts, very interesting content.

    My name is Kaled and I’m with American Intercontinental University. If you aren’t familiar with AIU, we specialize in design education –specifically degrees in Fashion Marketing and Design.

    We are excited to announce that AIU is hosting a live Facebook Chat with Project Runway Finalist and AIU Alumnus, Rafael Cox Tuesday October 1, 2011.

    Since you are highly involved in fashion, as apparent in your blog, I thought it would be great idea to partner with you in order to spread the word about our upcoming event via your blog.

    Participants of this event are invited to ask questions about Cox’s experience on Project Runway and his journey to get there.

    Rafael always offers insightful perspectives on fashion design, and is willing to share what he’s learned from his unique experiences. Its a great way to learn about how he became a fashion designer, current fashion trends, and more.

    If you are interested in writing a quick post in the near future, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get you more details.

    If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. I look forward to hearing back from you.


    On Behalf of American Intercontinental University

  2. Hi. I love your blog, as I’m inspired the way you to play with different style.
    I’m in my first year of college, and going to attend my first prom night in November. The theme is Victorian style. I’m in a dilemma as I have no idea what to dress, and I’m volunteering to help out that night, so there will be lots of walking around. I would like a dress that is medium length (to be able to walk) and prefer it to be black (as I’m 5’4’, 115 pounds) Hope you could help me, as it means so much to me. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for the nice compliments. As for your style dilemma try to find a black lace dress. Lace is very Victorian as well as stylish. This lace dress has a very Victorian feel while still being modern. This dress is also a great choice. Another idea is to check your local vintage shops for a dress. Not only will the dress be one of a kind but also very stylish. As for length, Don’t be afraid to buy a longer dress and have it hemmed to fit your needs. If you want more help feel free to email me:

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