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Gifts for Her: The Fashion Lover

Fashion Without Borders is back and just in time for Christmas. Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I was busy building a team for Her Campus UGA which I am the new Editor-in-Chief for. But to make it up to you I’m giving you SIX (count ’em) days of Christmas filled with holiday gift ideas for her and him. As well as quick yet stylish holiday party looks and much more! So to start off Six Days of Christmas here are gift ideas for the girlfriend/friend/sister/mom who is fashion obsessed:

When shopping for the perfect gift it can be tempting to take the easy route and pick out a simple scarf or necklace. But for the fashionable women in your life, Try taking a new route and give them a give that they’ll never forget. Find a piece that is one of a kind or specific to their style.

  1. Zara Glitter Clutch: $35.90
  2. J.Crew Leopard Print Iphone Case: $25
  3. H&M Heels: $49.95
  4. H&M Glitter Sweater: $14.95
  5. Talullah Tu Purple Statement Necklace: $38.75
  6. 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion: $29.99

These pieces will not only stand out in their closet but they will also be unforgettable. Plus you won’t have to worry about giving them something they already have. Not many girls have sequin loafers yet every girl needs a pair

  1. Marc Jacobs Python Print Computer Case: $78
  2. Christian Louboutin Book: $95.44
  3. ASOS Blue Faux Croc Bag: $63.33
  4. Storets Glitter Loafers: $58.00
  5. Versace for H&M Dress: $79.95
  6. Kate Spade ‘Hi 5’ Gloves: $65
  7. Kate Spade ‘No Sleep Til Brooklyn’ Cuffs: $88
  8. Nordstrom Ombre Scarf: $98

Halloween Nails: Candy Corn and Spider Webs

In case you guys haven’t realized, I’m in love with Halloween. I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by painting my nails in Halloween themed patterns. This weekend was spider webs. And this week I wanted to incorporate something sweet and something spooky. So I came up with these candy corn and spider web nails. Here are the steps:

1. Supplies:

  • Yellow Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Excuse me
  • Orange Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Hot Tamale
  • White Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Platinum
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
  • Tape

2. Top Coat: Paint your nails with a base color of orange. I recommend giving your nails plenty of time to dry so the tape doesn’t damage the first layer. Try rocking the orange nails for a day before finish the look.

3. Lay Tape Strips: Cut thin strips of tape and lay them straight across the middle of all your fingers (except your ring finger). The width of the tape varies which each nail (i.e. your thumb strip will be thicker than your pinky strip.)

4. Paint Strips: Paint yellow below the tape. You may need to do a couple coats to allow the yellow to cover the orange. Let dry. Paint white above the tape. Again you may need to do a couple of coats. Allow to dry before removing the tape.

5. Ring Design: Using a thin brush and black nail polish or a black nail pen, Create a web design. Start by drawing three thick lines starting in the top corner of the nail and fanning out. Draw lines in-between to create the webbing. Paint a thin line of silver glitter at the tip of the nail.

VIOLA! Just lather on a top coat and you’ve got yourself some stellar Halloween nails.

Got any nail ideas of your own? Fee free to email me them.

DIY Halloween Costumes: The Classics

Store bought costumes are so ordinary. This Halloween be extraordinary and create your own costume. Today we’ve taken a few classic costume ideas and given them a stylish twist. The great thing about creating your own stylish costume is it will be one of a kind and you can easily wear the pieces in your day-t0-day wardrobe.

{Dress, Handcuff Necklace, Handcuff Bracelet, Chain Cuff, Booties}

Who’d of though prison stripes could be so chic. Well with this prisoner costume you’ll be doing time style. Find yourself a stylish black and white striped dress. Accessorize with handcuff necklaces and bracelets. Add some chain bracelets and dramatic dark make-up. Need a fun hair idea? Wrap your hair around empty coke cans a la Gaga in Telephone. It’s the jail version of curlers.

{Dress, Headband, Tights, Bag, Heels, Lipstick, Pearls}

A 20’s flapper is a classic and cute Halloween costume idea. And it’s so simple to recreate. All you need is a fringe dress, feather hair piece, fishnet stockings and layers of pearls. Don’t forget a sparkly bag and to smear on a red lip. As for hair try out this cute vintage hair do by Lauren Conrad and for makeup try this tutorial.

{Dress, Basket, Hooded Scarf, White Knee-Highs, Blush, Heels}

Got a red dress sitting in your closet? Well it’s so easy to turn that red dress into a Little Red Riding Hood costume. Add a red hooded scarf or a red hooded cape. Pair it with white knee-highs, basic black pumps and don’t forget the basket. This costume is sweet and demure. Have your make-up reflect that with pinks on your cheeks and eyes. Check out this make-up tutorial for more tip ideas. Now all you need is a big bad wolf.

{Bikini Top, Skirt, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Sandals, Fake Eye Lashes, Ring, Clutch}

Mermaid is a great cute and stylish costume idea. Plus it’s so easy to make. All you need is a green maxi skirt and a bikini top. Accessorize with sea-themed jewelry like seashell necklaces, fish rings, and coral pieces. You can buy seashell jewelry or do it yourself. My favorite thing I found are these sea-themed fake eye lashes. For your hair keep it natural with beachy waves and pin in sea shells. Or try a fish tail braid. Check out this tutorial for mermaid inspired make-up.

Which classic look is your favorite? What will you be for Halloween this year?

Inspired by… Glamour September Issue

British inspired photo spreads seemed to be a popular trend in many September issues. One of my favorite spreads was “London Calling” in the September issue of Glamour. It featured British inspired shapes and styles and mod looks.  This meant lots of reds, blues, plaids, peter pan collars and of course go-go boots.

{Jacket, Booties, Skirt, Bag, Top}

I love the mixture of colors and textures in this look. The blue top pops against the plaid skirt. The leather contrasts the chunky tweed skirt. My favorite part is the boxy-bag. These are very trendy. If you don’t have one already invest!

{Pants, Bag, Sweater, Blouse, Booties}

I love the colors in this look as well as the graphic sweater. This look is perfect for fall with it’s mixtures of colors. It’s a classic look with a colorful and graphic twist.

{Dress, Necklace, Booties, Bag, Tights}

Peter pan collars are very popular. They are feminine, and demure. For recreating this look I chose a peter pan collared dress but you can easily try the ever so popular detachable collar paired with a dress you already own.

Which look is your favorite?

Building the Perfect Closet: The Trench Coat

{H&M Trench, Target Red Trench, Double Breasted Trench, Black H&M Trench, Ruche Trench, Bow Tie Trench}

A trench coat has been a classic piece in fashion for years. It’s iconic! Classic stars have made their mark rocking the trench from Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson. What makes the trench coat so beloved is it’s classic style, it’s functionality. The trench coat is the perfect layering piece for transitional weather like Fall or Spring.  The trench coat has been recreated in some many different styles that it’s easy to find a trench that fits your personality.

{Trench Coat, Belt, Booties, Watch, Bag}

Leave it to Victoria Beckham to style a trench unconventionally and totally rock it. Wearing a trench as a dress is a creative wear to style your trench. Some keys to wearing your trench as dress. 

Make sure your trench is of the correct length. Too short and you’ll be giving a peep show. Too long and it will look like a coat rather then a dress. The trench I chose it perfect length and style. The pleated a-line bottom makes it easy to transform it into a dress. We switched the coat belt for a black bow belt to finish off the coat and completely transform it into a dress.

Make sure to wear something underneath. I recommend a dress slip or a form fitting dress. Just make sure whatever you wear under the trench is shorter so it doesn’t peek out under the trench.

{Trench, Top, Pants, Heels, Bag}{Earrings, Bracelet, Trench, Dress, Heels}

The sleeveless trench is another way the trench coat has been recreated. The sleeveless trench is inventive and stylish. It’s so easy to style. If you want a trench coat and a sleeveless trench then this trench is a necessity. The convertible trench coat can be worn as a coat, as a sleeveless vest, and a lightweight bolero.

How will you be wearing your classic trench?

Inspired by… Lucky Magazine September 2011

As a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic, Lucky is my go to magazine. It’s great for providing products that go along with specific trends as well as great styling tips. I loved their The King and I spread in the September issue. Full of polka dots, juxaposition ensembles, ladylike bags and tuxedo pieces. Here are some looks I’ve recreated from the spread:

“An unexpectedly feminine combination: a dusting of feathers, a swath of lace and a jeweled neckline” 

{Top, Necklace, Skirt, Bag, Earrings, Heels}

“Subtle polka dots lend a refreshingly cheeky tone to a body-skimming silhouette.”

{Top, Skirt, Booties, Bracelet, Necklace}

“A floaty dress gets structure from a tailored jacket and chunky shoes”

{Dress, Necklace, Blazer, Bag, Bracelet, Heels}

“A bold menswear suit is made livelier with a few ruffles and a strategic hint of sparkle”

{Top, Blouse, Pants, Blazer, Heels, Black Ring, Snack Ring, Leaf Ring}

What outfit is your favorite?

Fall Shopping Guide: What to Keep and What to Buy

A new season brings a lot of changes: a change in temperature, a change in scenery and a change in wardrobe. This means packing up your light summer pieces and breaking out your thick pieces. There are many amazing fall trends to try this season but it can be a bit overwhelming. You ask yourself: Which trends should I invest in? What pieces can I still wear from last year? Some people have the common misconception that you need a new wardrobe every year. But you don’t need to buy a new closet. Instead invest in a few newer trends and mix them in with your older pieces. Here is my guide to help you update your fall wardrobe without spending a lot. 

What to Keep

{Blue Maxi Skirt, Orange Maxi Skirt, Orange Pants, Purple Pants, Lace Booties, Boots, Orange Striped Shirt, Black and White Striped Shirt}

Maxi Skirts: You don’t necessarily need to pack up your maxis for fall.  The maxi trend is rolling into the fall. Your bright floral skirts might be a little wrong for the season. But solid blues, maroons, reds, and fall patterns are perfect for this fall trends. Maxi skirts look great paired with chunky knits and lace booties.

Lace Booties and Riding Boots: Lace booties and riding boots were all the rage last fall and it seems the excitement isn’t fading. Keep your boots as staples in your fall wardrobe. 

Bright Pants: Bright pants have been taking spot light and they will continue to during fall. So don’t lock up your bright blue, yellow or even pink pants. Instead pair them with chunky knits or denim skirts for a fun fall look.

Graphic Stripes: Graphic stripes were popular last year on the spring/summer runways and there are still in the spotlight. Keep these pieces as staples in your wardrobe this fall. Pair them under blazers, or with chunky knits. The combinations are endless.

What to Buy

{Tartan Bag, Skirt, Polka Dot Bag, Skirt, Blazer, Heel, Tuxedo Top, Wide Leg Trousers, Wide Leg Jeans}

Graphic Tartan: Tartan is usually a bit granny but designers have turned it chic this season. Update your closet with a tartan plaid skirt or jacket. 

Tuxedo Pieces: Women were rocking the tuxedo on the runway this year. It’s a fresh alternative for a night out look. Invest in a white blouse with black bow tie or a black and white blazer. You’ll turn heads. 

Polka Dots: The fall runways were seeing spots.. literally. Spots were all over the runway from big to small from on skirts to tops. Invest in a few spotty pieces this fall like a silky blouse or skirt. It’ll add dimension to your fall wardrobe. Be bold and try mixing stripes and spots. 

Wide Leg Trousers: Tuck away your skinny jeans because this season pants are all about wide legs. Invest in high waisted and wide leg trousers. This seasons silhouette is all about lengthening your legs. So pair your wide leg trousers with cropped knits.

Keep your eyes out for my in-depth profiles of a few of these new trends. As well don’t forget to submit your game-day outfits to Fashion Without Borders. Read here for more details. 

What to Wear to Fashions Night Out

The day is finally here. We’ve been counting down the days since August waiting for the start of New York Fall Fashion Week and with it comes Fashions Night Out across the world. Luckily you don’t have to live in New York or LA to participate in Fashions Night Out. Cities across the United States have joined in on the fashion fever. Check out this site to find a city near you.

For those of you (like myself) who won’t be in New York for fashion week, don’t fret! You can still take in all that is NYFW thanks to social media and technology (how did people ever exist without it). Youtube is live streaming the runway shows as well you can follow what’s going on via twitter. Just follow New York Fashion Week and MB Fashion Week as well as your favorite designers. If you can’t watch the live stream then check out First Comes Fashion for pictures and behind the scenes footage.

I’ve been hearing the same question over and over: What do you wear to Fashions Night Out. For those of you who are first timers to FNO here is a little tidbit about it. FNO is a combination of a party and shopping. Different stores will each feature there own events which can arrange from food, music, dancing, runway shows and sneak peeks to upcoming collections. So when it comes to what to wear you want to be stylish and comfortable. There is going to be a lot of running around so if you don’t do well in heels you might want to opt for flats. When it comes to picking an outfit: choose what makes you happy. Whether that is jeans with a funky tee and a blazer or a flirty dress layered with jewelry. It’s your night so own your outfit.

If your still struggling to put an ensemble together then check out these outfits for inspiration:

{Shirt, Necklace, Blazer, Skirt, Heels, Bangles, Watch, Bag}{Pants, Vest, Blouse, Heels, Bag, Ring, Bracelet}{Pants, Blouse, Vest, Shoes, Brooch, Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Bag}

What are you wearing to FNO? Post your pictures to the facebook page or email them to me and I’ll feature you on the blog.

White After Labor Day: A Do or a Do Not?

{Chando Ralph Rucci Fall 2011)

Growing up we had fashion rules drilled into our head: Don’t mix black and brown. Your shoes must match your bag. Don’t wear tights with open toe shoes. And don’t wear white after labor day. But are many of these fashion rules still relevant?

Those in the fashion world say: YES! Rules are meant to be broken and in the fashion world breaking the rules is a daily task. So stop locking up your whites as soon as September 5th rolls around.  White is a great color. It looks crisp and clean. It’s a great color to work into your fall and winter wardrobe.

{ 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011}

But I’m not the only who believes no white after labor day is a thing of the past. Fellow fashion bloggers agree that it’s ok to let your whites come out to play after September 5th:

Pairs W. of Like My New Suspenders: “Being Australian, we’ve never bothered with any form of tradition like that, but even then, doesn’t that mean you can NEVER wear white, because it’s always going to be ‘after’ Labour day? It’s a colour (well, it’s a shade…) so go for it – forget whether or not it’s ‘okay’ from someone else.”

Cassie Walters from Classie: “Absolutely. White is a favorite fashion color of mine. White is so crisp and clean looking and can really brighten a look (or a room) in really dull, drab winter months. I say to keep white kicking all year ’round!

Nina Garcia on Twitter: “#White Is Chic All Year Round: Remember that rules are made to be broken.

{Cupcakes and Cashmere}

There are still some don’ts to keep in mind when wearing white after labor day. The key reason for no white after labor is white was considered to be a summery color. So keep your whites season appropriate. That means keep your white linen pieces packed away. Linen in general is seen as a summer fabric. I would not recommend wearing white shoes either. It looks too summery. Nude, or off white is ok. {This Time Tomorrow}

Here are some tips to rocking white after labor day:

  • Mix in white pieces with thicker fall pieces
  • Keep your whites in thicker fabrics
  • Mix in off hue whites (creams, nudes, off-whites)
  • Pair your whites with masculine pieces (plaid, denim shirts, military jackets) for a unexpected combo.
Heres my white after labor day look: 
{H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Necklace, Forever 21 Jeans, Boots}

So what’s your take on white after labor day? A do or a Don’t?

Luscious Leather


Before today’s post: some of might have heard about the big change on Fashion Without Borders via twitter. If not your about to hear it. In case you haven’t noticed Fashion Without Borders has it’s own domain!! You can know find us on You will still be directed to the blog via the old domain but the new one is so much prettier (don’t you agree). Another big stepping stone for the blog in preparation for the one year birthday (September 26th). Thank you all for being here every step of the way. Now back to today’s post:

Leather skirts and shorts are very trendy this year. But they are also intimidating to style. I absolutely love leather and I bought myself a leather skirt a year ago that I believe I’ve only worn a hand-full of times. I was doing inventory of my closet the other day when I came upon this skirt. And I thought to myself “There has to be more ways to style this skirt to be more wearable”. I became determined to find the answer. So I turned to my favorite fashion blogs and designers for the answers. As I started gathering inspiration and knowledge I began to realize that leather can become more than a night-life staple.

{Photo Credit}{Top, Skirt, Bag, Booties, Necklace}

Leather and denim make a surprising combination. The denim tones down the edginess of the leather and makes it more daytime wearable. Pair it with oxford booties or even flat oxfords for a casual look.

{Photo Credit}{Look #1: Top, Skirt, Heels.} {Look #2: Top, Skirt, Oxfords}

Lace and leather are a sultry, feminine combination. So sultry it inspired Ms. Spears to sing a song about the combination. The lace gives a feminine twist to the thick leather.

{Photo Credit}{Two-Tone Sweater, Cream Sweater, Skirt, Grey Booties, Black Booties}

Sometimes the most unlikely pairs make the best combination: like a chunky knit and a leather skit. I plan on rocking this look come winter. It screams cozy yet edgy. The contrasting textures make for a one-a-kind creation.

{Photo Credit}

{Look #1: Top, Shorts, Bag, Shoes} {Look #2: Blazer, Blouse, Shorts, Heels}

Another option: go business.  Pair leather shorts or skirt with black and white blouse or blazer. You’d never think of leather as business chic but when paired with pussy-bow blouse or feminine blazer you get a stylish combination.

How will you be styling your leather?Any more ways you like to style your leather?