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Inspired by… Glamour September Issue

British inspired photo spreads seemed to be a popular trend in many September issues. One of my favorite spreads was “London Calling” in the September issue of Glamour. It featured British inspired shapes and styles and mod looks.  This meant lots of reds, blues, plaids, peter pan collars and of course go-go boots.

{Jacket, Booties, Skirt, Bag, Top}

I love the mixture of colors and textures in this look. The blue top pops against the plaid skirt. The leather contrasts the chunky tweed skirt. My favorite part is the boxy-bag. These are very trendy. If you don’t have one already invest!

{Pants, Bag, Sweater, Blouse, Booties}

I love the colors in this look as well as the graphic sweater. This look is perfect for fall with it’s mixtures of colors. It’s a classic look with a colorful and graphic twist.

{Dress, Necklace, Booties, Bag, Tights}

Peter pan collars are very popular. They are feminine, and demure. For recreating this look I chose a peter pan collared dress but you can easily try the ever so popular detachable collar paired with a dress you already own.

Which look is your favorite?


Inspired by… W Magazine September Issue

W Magazine happens to be one of the many magazines I subscribe to. I love the edgy fashion features. I get some much inspiration from W. In their September issue they showcased falls favorite jeweled-tone colors, furs and some lady-like accessories in the More, More MORE feature. These three looks are a few of my favorite. One because of their colors, and Two because they showcase stylish ways to rock the monochromatic trend. Here’s how I recreated the looks:

{Blazer, Necklace, Bracelets, Bag, Top, Skirt}{Jacket, Earrings, Pants, Shirt, Bag, Jagged Ring, Oxfords, Smooth Ring}{Tee, Pants, Clutch, Blue Belt, Green Belt, Blue Flats, Green Cuff, Jeweled Bracelet}

Tip**Wear the two colored belts together for a unique layered effect.

Which look is your favorite?

Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Yin

I look for inspiration in everything: magazines, movies, art and especially on the streets. Sometimes the best places for outfit inspiration are from fellow fashionistas. Street Stylin’ Fashionistas features fashionable people from bloggers to students.

Today’s fashionista is Yin of Pretty Quirky Pants. Yin is a blogger in Melbourne, Australia (originally from KL, Malaysia)

Jeans: Lee Jett (

Shirt: Mango – MNG

Blazer: Tiny Dancer

Oxford Shoes: Tuck

Bag: Nancybird (

Yin: “This outfit can be either dressed up or down and can be worn to work or casually. It incorporates all the colours I feel that is prominent for fall and can be worn for any autumn season.

My daily dressing is always based around comfort and appropriate styling for my frame. I also love to wear colours and patterns with the challenge of matching them accordingly as can be seen in this ensemble. In particular I love how the print on the shirt and the pattern on the oxfords go with the maroon coloured jeans.

The pair of oxfords shown in this outfit was an epiphany to me; I had been tossing up the possibility of wearing this type of shoe, not to mention brown ones, for the longest time. I had previously bought a pair of black oxfords and every time I wanted to wear them I just couldn’t match them with anything and kept thinking I should have bought a brown pair! Once I got these, I knew that they were the right choice and have not regretted it since.

All of these items have been purchased in Melbourne, Australia, and definitely show the trends that are prominent here. The bag featured in this outfit is from Nancybird, one of my favourite Melbourne bag brands by designer Emily Wright who produces vintage inspired pieces.”

Me: Where do you get your inspiration? 

{Courtesy of Frankie Magazine}

Yin: “I get my inspiration from anything and everything. It can come from the people around me, the articles I read and of course the shops I visit. The magazine I am currently getting most inspiration from is Australian based and vintage focused, Frankie Magazine

As you can probably tell, I am greatly inspired by my location. Most of my favorite pieces are by Australian designers; they are very original and are different to many other international styles. The detail and materials found in the pieces produced are impeccable, some of my favorites are Claude Maus, Sass and Bide and Nancybird.

Me: What are your favorite Fall trends for 2011? 

Yin: “Some of my favourite fall trends include coloured jeans, oversized sweaters, capes, fur coats and oxford shoes. Half of the list has been worn in the featured outfit and most of them have been featured on my blog.”

Me:What’s you top fashion tip that you feel every fashionista should know or live by?

Yin: Get the fit right and dress for your body type. No matter what it is you are wearing, you HAVE to get the fit right for your body type.

For example, if it’s a pair of skinny jeans, make sure they hug you in the right areas and the wrong areas don’t bulge. If you have a frame that would not be flattered by skinny jeans, simply don’t wear them! There are plenty of other styles that would suit you.

Another example and a pet peeve of mine is if it’s a shirt, make sure the shoulders fit right and the bust is not bursting. No one wants to wait in fear for a button to hit them in the face or to be confused at why you are wearing a shirt too large for yourself.

I cannot stress enough how unflattering a badly fitted piece of clothing can be.”

If you like what you see today check out Yin’s blog Pretty Quirky Pants

Inspired by… Lucky Magazine September 2011

As a self-proclaimed shop-a-holic, Lucky is my go to magazine. It’s great for providing products that go along with specific trends as well as great styling tips. I loved their The King and I spread in the September issue. Full of polka dots, juxaposition ensembles, ladylike bags and tuxedo pieces. Here are some looks I’ve recreated from the spread:

“An unexpectedly feminine combination: a dusting of feathers, a swath of lace and a jeweled neckline” 

{Top, Necklace, Skirt, Bag, Earrings, Heels}

“Subtle polka dots lend a refreshingly cheeky tone to a body-skimming silhouette.”

{Top, Skirt, Booties, Bracelet, Necklace}

“A floaty dress gets structure from a tailored jacket and chunky shoes”

{Dress, Necklace, Blazer, Bag, Bracelet, Heels}

“A bold menswear suit is made livelier with a few ruffles and a strategic hint of sparkle”

{Top, Blouse, Pants, Blazer, Heels, Black Ring, Snack Ring, Leaf Ring}

What outfit is your favorite?

Fall Inspiration Board

While the weather is still warm in Georgia, I can’t help but long for cooler weather. In the meantime I’ve been compiling together shopping list (as seen here), outfit ideas and inspiration for fall. Here are a few things that will be inspiring my wardrobe this season:

Mustard: Not the condiment the color. I recently got a mustard tweed skirt that I am so excited to pair with denim shirts or even plaid. A few mustard pieces I am loving:

Fur: I love fur for fall and winter. Not only is it great for staying warm but it feels elegant. I recently invested in a fur vest and I can’t wait to put it to use. Here is one outfit idea I have in mind:

{My Style Pill}

Leopard Print: I talked about leopard print being the perfect wardrobe essential but it is also an essential for fall. I love gently easing it into outfits with a skinny belt or bracelet. I’m currently on the look out for the perfect leopard print flats. Let me know if you see any.

Polka Dots: I love how designers are using polka dots this fall. They have a chic yet whimsical feel. I’m wanting to DIY this polka dot shirt from P.S. I made This. Look forward to a future post on polka dots that goes more indepth.

Chunky Knits: Nothing says full like a big chunky sweater. I’m loving sweaters for fall whether they stand alone or their layered over a dress or paired with a feminine skirt. My favorite combination for fall is chunky knits with leather skirts. I love the juxtaposition of the two.

Cobalt Blue: Another color I am lusting after this season. It’s great for adding a pop of color to your outfit. I love it in a maxi skirt or even a bag. A cobalt blue bag would be the perfect accessory for fall. For more on cobalt check back Monday.

What’s inspiring you this fall?

Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Niyah

I look for inspiration in everything: magazines, movies, art and especially on the streets. Sometimes the best places for outfit inspiration are from fellow fashionistas. Street Stylin’ Fashionistas features fashionable people from bloggers to students.

Today’s fashionista is Niyah of Inexpensive Chic.

“I have loved fashion every since I was a little girl. Up until a few years ago, I realized that my passion for fashion could be turned into a career. After playing around with the idea of what I wanted to do in fashion, I realized my true dream was to become a stylist. Ever since then I have been researching schools, learning more about the industry, reading reference books on style and studying the icons. About two months ago I started a fashion blog. It’s been a great success since then (nearly 1,000 views) and I love sharing my insight with other lovers of fashion. All in all I am a driven person who is passionate about fashion.”

“This outfit was inspired by the September issue of Instyle. One of the things they suggested to try was layering a tunic over a maxi dress. I tried it, loved it, wore it to school, and even got recognized for it on IFB’s weekly round up: Links a La Mode!”

{Tunic- H&M; Maxi Dress- TJ Maxx; Belt- Goodwill; Cuff- Gifted; Scarf- Forever 21; Shoes- Nordstrom}

Me: What is your favorite trend for this fall?

Niyah: “My favorite fall trends are wedges (laced, closed toe, brown), oversized sheer button up tops (printed or not printed) and cream/cocoa blazers!”

Me: What is a rule you think every fashionista should live by? 

Niyah: “I think fashionistas should live by the tip that there are no rules in fashion! Where what you want to wear because you want to wear it. Dress for yourself and own your look with confidence!”

Like what you see? Check out Niyah’s blog Inexpensive Chic.

Inspired by… Street Style

{Photo Credit}

There is no better way to get outfit inspiration than from normal everyday women like ourselves. Lately, I’ve been craving inspiration help give me ideas to update my wardrobe. Street style blogs (including Street Peeper and The Sartorialist) have become my style bibles. Hopefully some of my inspiration can help inspire you.

{Courtesy of Street Peeper}

{Look #1: White Tee, Maxi Skirt, Leather Jacket, Belt, Clogs. Look #2: Striped Tee, Collar Shirt, Blazer, Lace Shorts, Lace up booties.}

I love how these two stylish ladies combined feminine piece with more chunky, masculine pieces.

{Courtesy of Fashionising}

{Blouse, Shorts, Bangles, Sunglasses, Sandals}

I’m a sucker for navy and white together, whether it be in stripes or polka dots. Since the weather is still hot in Georgia, this outfit is perfect for squeezing out the last ounce of summer.

{Courtesy of Street Peeper}

{Tee, Belt, Shorts, Vest, Pouch, Sunglasses, Necklace, Bangles, Converse}

This outfit is such an unexpected, and weird combination. But that’s what makes it work. I’d never of thought to pair cut-off with a fur vest until now. 

Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Lauren

Sometimes I get the best style tips or outfit inspiration from seeing what other people are wearing. My hope is to provide you with a wide variety of style inspiration not just what I’m wearing but what others are wearing. So my first featured fashionista happens to be my sister. These pictures were taken while on our vacation in California. Probably the best part of having a sister is sharing my love for fashion with someone. This outfit she wore on our Rodeo Drive excursion. It’s simple yet chic. She creates a stylish ensemble by adding a few simple accessories to a simple black dress.

Pop of Teal

{Know Style Jacket, American Eagle Shirt, Forever 21 Dress, DKNY Watch, ASOS Bag, Life Stride Wedges}

Don’t worry, I’m still giving you my California outfits. Probably my favorite part of my trip to Cali was deciding what to wear everyday.

I styled this dress fairly simple in a previous post but I wanted to remix it by giving it a fun and colorful twist. I love the trend of tying your tops to create crops (I wrote about here) and I was excited to try it out on my favorite colored top (i love teal). The tee helps tone down the dress to give it a more relaxed (California) feel. I love how the color pops against the neutral polka dot dress. The necklace I’m wearing here I bought while in California. It’s a piece of coral covered in gold. I feel in love with it (as well as the matching earrings, which I regret not buying). I’ve worn it almost everyday since I arrived home in Georgia.

{My Grandpa’s dog Maggie made a surprise appearance in the last shots of my “shoot”. She can’t help but be the center of attention}

Rodeo Drive…

The most exciting part of my trip was walking down Rodeo Drive. Not only because of it’s cameo in my favorite movie (Pretty Women) but mainly because it’s any shop-a-holic’s dream. Though many (and when I say many, I mean all) of the stores were out of my price range, it was still fun to window shop. Especially since the window displays were so decadent. That same day we went to Hollywood where I was able to find stores more in my price range. This included a trip to ZARA, which I had been looking forward to.

As for my outfit, that day I was in a mood for color. My bold necklace is one of my most loved accessories. I love wearing it with neutral pieces to add a pop of color. But for this outfit I decided to add color on color for a fun, bright summer look.

{My Sister and Me on Rodeo Drive}{J.Crew Top, Necklace gifted, Forever 21 Jeans, ASOS Bag, DKNY Watch}