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Halloween Nails: Candy Corn and Spider Webs

In case you guys haven’t realized, I’m in love with Halloween. I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by painting my nails in Halloween themed patterns. This weekend was spider webs. And this week I wanted to incorporate something sweet and something spooky. So I came up with these candy corn and spider web nails. Here are the steps:

1. Supplies:

  • Yellow Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Excuse me
  • Orange Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Hot Tamale
  • White Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Platinum
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
  • Tape

2. Top Coat: Paint your nails with a base color of orange. I recommend giving your nails plenty of time to dry so the tape doesn’t damage the first layer. Try rocking the orange nails for a day before finish the look.

3. Lay Tape Strips: Cut thin strips of tape and lay them straight across the middle of all your fingers (except your ring finger). The width of the tape varies which each nail (i.e. your thumb strip will be thicker than your pinky strip.)

4. Paint Strips: Paint yellow below the tape. You may need to do a couple coats to allow the yellow to cover the orange. Let dry. Paint white above the tape. Again you may need to do a couple of coats. Allow to dry before removing the tape.

5. Ring Design: Using a thin brush and black nail polish or a black nail pen, Create a web design. Start by drawing three thick lines starting in the top corner of the nail and fanning out. Draw lines in-between to create the webbing. Paint a thin line of silver glitter at the tip of the nail.

VIOLA! Just lather on a top coat and you’ve got yourself some stellar Halloween nails.

Got any nail ideas of your own? Fee free to email me them.


Stylish Pumpkins

{Lace Pumpkin, Black and White Pumpkins, Jeweled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Vase}

Carving pumpkins is fun but there are so many more original ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Above are a few of my favorite ideas.

Lace Pumpkin: I never thought of covering a pumpkin in lace until I saw this picture. So hit up your local fabric store and buy up a bunch of lace to cover your pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkin: Painting a pumpkin allows you to get much more creative. Paint typical Halloween icons on it or try somethins unexpected by painting it a stylish print (cheetah print, polka dots) The zebra print pumpkin is my favorite.

Bedazzeled Pumpkin: This is how I will be decorating my pumpkin this year. Get some jewels at the craft store and cover your pumpkin in them. Or make a design out of the jewels. I plan on painting my pumpkin black and covering it in jewels and studs.

Pumpkin Vase: This is great for a center piece or if you want a pumpkin that is both functional and decorative. Carve the inside of your pumpkin and decorate the outside to make it look like a creepy skeleton head. Then stick flowers in the top. For a pumpkin that’s creepy yet sweet.

Feel free to email me, or tweet me pictures of your decorated pumpkins.

Halloween Decor: Creepy and Chic

{Photo Credit}

Next to costumes, decorating is my second favorite thing to do for Halloween. My dream homes would be creepily decorated all year long (key word is dream because that might scare people away). Since I’m currently living in a very small room (or what I’d like to think of as a glorified box), my decor will be limited to a bit of fake spider webbing, spiders and a glittery skull or two. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream or live vicariously through all of you by providing you with some great decorating tips. Send me pictures of you Halloween decor to

{Give skeletons a stylish twist by dressing them up in top hats.}{Turn beautiful roses into creepy decor by adding fake snakes and spiders}{Switch out your regular labels for creepier ones}{A skull and a crow make for the perfect table side decor}{Stick some wheat stalks in a pair of black booties for a witchy effect}{Switch out your normal throw pillows for Halloween-themed ones}

  1. Fake Crow: Place them in random places in your house for a creepy surprise.
  2. Glitter Skull: Has a great eery feel with a glitzy twist.
  3. Fake Books: Replace your regular books with these scary ones.
  4. Gold Skull Candle: Perfect centerpiece to any table decoration.
  5. Skull Hand Goblet: Great for a Halloween feast.
  6. Bloody candles: These will really make your house scary.
  7. Skeleton Salad Servers: Your guest will be surprise when the reach for the salad tongs and find these.
  8. Candelabra: The perfect finish to your haunted house.