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Stylish Pumpkins

{Lace Pumpkin, Black and White Pumpkins, Jeweled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Vase}

Carving pumpkins is fun but there are so many more original ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Above are a few of my favorite ideas.

Lace Pumpkin: I never thought of covering a pumpkin in lace until I saw this picture. So hit up your local fabric store and buy up a bunch of lace to cover your pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkin: Painting a pumpkin allows you to get much more creative. Paint typical Halloween icons on it or try somethins unexpected by painting it a stylish print (cheetah print, polka dots) The zebra print pumpkin is my favorite.

Bedazzeled Pumpkin: This is how I will be decorating my pumpkin this year. Get some jewels at the craft store and cover your pumpkin in them. Or make a design out of the jewels. I plan on painting my pumpkin black and covering it in jewels and studs.

Pumpkin Vase: This is great for a center piece or if you want a pumpkin that is both functional and decorative. Carve the inside of your pumpkin and decorate the outside to make it look like a creepy skeleton head. Then stick flowers in the top. For a pumpkin that’s creepy yet sweet.

Feel free to email me, or tweet me pictures of your decorated pumpkins.


Halloween Decor: Creepy and Chic

{Photo Credit}

Next to costumes, decorating is my second favorite thing to do for Halloween. My dream homes would be creepily decorated all year long (key word is dream because that might scare people away). Since I’m currently living in a very small room (or what I’d like to think of as a glorified box), my decor will be limited to a bit of fake spider webbing, spiders and a glittery skull or two. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream or live vicariously through all of you by providing you with some great decorating tips. Send me pictures of you Halloween decor to

{Give skeletons a stylish twist by dressing them up in top hats.}{Turn beautiful roses into creepy decor by adding fake snakes and spiders}{Switch out your regular labels for creepier ones}{A skull and a crow make for the perfect table side decor}{Stick some wheat stalks in a pair of black booties for a witchy effect}{Switch out your normal throw pillows for Halloween-themed ones}

  1. Fake Crow: Place them in random places in your house for a creepy surprise.
  2. Glitter Skull: Has a great eery feel with a glitzy twist.
  3. Fake Books: Replace your regular books with these scary ones.
  4. Gold Skull Candle: Perfect centerpiece to any table decoration.
  5. Skull Hand Goblet: Great for a Halloween feast.
  6. Bloody candles: These will really make your house scary.
  7. Skeleton Salad Servers: Your guest will be surprise when the reach for the salad tongs and find these.
  8. Candelabra: The perfect finish to your haunted house.

Halloween Week

It’s Halloween Week at Fashion Without Borders. With Halloween quickly approaching this week will be filled with Halloween costume ideas that a great mixture of style and originality.

{Me to the right dressed as Superman. Costume made by my mother}

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Halloween since I was little. Probably because I love any excuse to dress up and I love everything scary and creepy. Over the years I had some pretty stellar costumes- Superman, Mulan, Pirate, and Gypsy to name a few.

{Me to the right as Mulan with my little brother as a cowboy}{Me to the left as Dorothy with my older sister}

My favorite Halloween costume from when I was little was my Dorothy costume. It was what inspired me to be Dorothy again this year. The costume was made by my mother and my favorite part was she took a pair of white keds and covered them in red glitter. I’m currently working on making red glittery heels for my Dorothy costume this year.

So sit back, relax and get ready for a week filled with candy corn, spiders, witches and a bit of fake blood. It’s HALLOWEEN WEEK!!

Happy Birthday to Fashion Without Borders

Today’s the birthday of Fashion Without Borders. This all started as a little way to relive my passion for fashion. I never thought it’d become what it is today. So much has changed/improved since my first post.

Over the course of a year the blog has received a make-over, got a new domain, received many dedicated fans and has grown and matured. As for me, over the year I’ve been able to meet many new amazing blogger friends, transferred schools, had some downs but many ups. I’ve had so much fun over the year and I can’t wait for year 2. Here are my top favorite posts of all time:

  1. Pop of Teal: My favorite outfit!
  2. Become a Master Packer: So many readers told me this feature helped them which made me happy to know my packing skills came to use to others.
  3. Your Size and Fashion with Shalanda Turner: This was my first guest blogger post. I love what she said about dressing for your size. I really took it to heart. Plus this was the start of a great blogger friendship.
  4. Sailors and Flowers: I love the combination of stripes and florals which is why I decided to hare this post with you.
  5. Diamond in the Rough: My first ever outfit post. I love this pictures taken by my great friend Gina. This post is a fun memory.
  6. Style to GOSSIP About: One of my most popular posts plus I have a huge obsession with Gossip Girl.
  7. Sweatshirts with a Twist: As a college student I find this post very helpful.
Thank you to all more readers for a successful year! To another year of style and success.
What would you like to see in the next year? 

What to Wear to Fashions Night Out

The day is finally here. We’ve been counting down the days since August waiting for the start of New York Fall Fashion Week and with it comes Fashions Night Out across the world. Luckily you don’t have to live in New York or LA to participate in Fashions Night Out. Cities across the United States have joined in on the fashion fever. Check out this site to find a city near you.

For those of you (like myself) who won’t be in New York for fashion week, don’t fret! You can still take in all that is NYFW thanks to social media and technology (how did people ever exist without it). Youtube is live streaming the runway shows as well you can follow what’s going on via twitter. Just follow New York Fashion Week and MB Fashion Week as well as your favorite designers. If you can’t watch the live stream then check out First Comes Fashion for pictures and behind the scenes footage.

I’ve been hearing the same question over and over: What do you wear to Fashions Night Out. For those of you who are first timers to FNO here is a little tidbit about it. FNO is a combination of a party and shopping. Different stores will each feature there own events which can arrange from food, music, dancing, runway shows and sneak peeks to upcoming collections. So when it comes to what to wear you want to be stylish and comfortable. There is going to be a lot of running around so if you don’t do well in heels you might want to opt for flats. When it comes to picking an outfit: choose what makes you happy. Whether that is jeans with a funky tee and a blazer or a flirty dress layered with jewelry. It’s your night so own your outfit.

If your still struggling to put an ensemble together then check out these outfits for inspiration:

{Shirt, Necklace, Blazer, Skirt, Heels, Bangles, Watch, Bag}{Pants, Vest, Blouse, Heels, Bag, Ring, Bracelet}{Pants, Blouse, Vest, Shoes, Brooch, Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Bag}

What are you wearing to FNO? Post your pictures to the facebook page or email them to me and I’ll feature you on the blog.

White After Labor Day: A Do or a Do Not?

{Chando Ralph Rucci Fall 2011)

Growing up we had fashion rules drilled into our head: Don’t mix black and brown. Your shoes must match your bag. Don’t wear tights with open toe shoes. And don’t wear white after labor day. But are many of these fashion rules still relevant?

Those in the fashion world say: YES! Rules are meant to be broken and in the fashion world breaking the rules is a daily task. So stop locking up your whites as soon as September 5th rolls around.  White is a great color. It looks crisp and clean. It’s a great color to work into your fall and winter wardrobe.

{ 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011}

But I’m not the only who believes no white after labor day is a thing of the past. Fellow fashion bloggers agree that it’s ok to let your whites come out to play after September 5th:

Pairs W. of Like My New Suspenders: “Being Australian, we’ve never bothered with any form of tradition like that, but even then, doesn’t that mean you can NEVER wear white, because it’s always going to be ‘after’ Labour day? It’s a colour (well, it’s a shade…) so go for it – forget whether or not it’s ‘okay’ from someone else.”

Cassie Walters from Classie: “Absolutely. White is a favorite fashion color of mine. White is so crisp and clean looking and can really brighten a look (or a room) in really dull, drab winter months. I say to keep white kicking all year ’round!

Nina Garcia on Twitter: “#White Is Chic All Year Round: Remember that rules are made to be broken.

{Cupcakes and Cashmere}

There are still some don’ts to keep in mind when wearing white after labor day. The key reason for no white after labor is white was considered to be a summery color. So keep your whites season appropriate. That means keep your white linen pieces packed away. Linen in general is seen as a summer fabric. I would not recommend wearing white shoes either. It looks too summery. Nude, or off white is ok. {This Time Tomorrow}

Here are some tips to rocking white after labor day:

  • Mix in white pieces with thicker fall pieces
  • Keep your whites in thicker fabrics
  • Mix in off hue whites (creams, nudes, off-whites)
  • Pair your whites with masculine pieces (plaid, denim shirts, military jackets) for a unexpected combo.
Heres my white after labor day look: 
{H&M Blouse, Forever 21 Necklace, Forever 21 Jeans, Boots}

So what’s your take on white after labor day? A do or a Don’t?

Stylish School Spirit

College football season is upon us! Which means saturdays spent tailgating , roasting hotdogs and watching your favorite team play. For all you fashionistas out there, this also means another excuse to show off your personal style.

How do you show off your school spirit in a stylish way? Do you tuck you team’s tee into an a-line skirt? Or maybe you wear a dress in your school colors? Whatever your style may be,  Fashion Without Borders wants to see it. So take a picture of you or your friend (or both) stylishly showing your school spirit and email it to the blog: And you could see yourself on the blog.

So I ask you fashionistas: How do you style your school spirit?

* Rules:

  1. Pictures submitted must be of you (or a willing friend)
  2. Pictures must be your own pictures (no copywrited images)
  3. Email the pictures to 
  4. And include your name, school your showing your spirit for, age, and why you chose to style your outfit that way.
  5. Boys you are included in this too. Feel free to submit your photos.
  6. Have Fun and Good luck! This will opportunity will be going on till the end of football season.

My Blogging Essentials

I’ve been receiving many blog related questions lately: “What are your tips for blogging?” “Where do you get your inspiration?” “Any advice for someone who wants to start a blog”. I thought I’d address a few of these questions with this blog post: My Blogging Essentials.

I have two blogging essentials: First what I like to call my blog kit and Second is a stylish work place.

{W Magazine, How to Have Style by Issac Mizrahi, Post its, Staples Agenda, Samsung phone, Vera Bradley Journal, Sharpies, DKNY Watch, Macbook}

My Blog Kit

My blog kit is composed of all the essentials I need to produced a successful blog. 

  1. Inspiration: The key to any great blog. I find inspiration by daily scouring magazines and my collection of fashion books. As well as my favorite fashion blogs.
  2. Post-its: Essential for a forgetful person like myself. My room is plastered with post-its filled with reminders, upcoming blog ideas, etc.
  3. Agenda: To help keep my life on track as well as help me plan ahead on blog posts.
  4. Phone: What I use to do all my tweeting.
  5. Journals and Colorful Pens: I try to keep at least one notebook on me at all time. You never know when an idea will hit you.
  6. Watch: To help me keep track of time as well as being stylish.
  7. Evernote: (not pictured) I recently discovered this computer app and fell in love. It’s perfect for keeping all my ideas, thoughts, inspiration, wants and desires organized.
  8. My Computer: Where Fashion Without Borders was born and where it continues to grow.

My Stylish Workplace

The key to keeping me inspired is to have a inspiring and organized workplace. My workplace happens to be my room and most of my blogging occurs in bed. Surprisingly I get most my ideas when laying in bed. I choose to have inspiring decor to help keep my creative juices flowing. My bookshelf is what I consider to be the fountain of inspiration for Fashion Without Borders. It is filled with my favorite magazines and my collection of fashion books. I am always looking to update my book collection so I’m always inspired. Here are some books I’m lusting afterMy inspiration/ jewelry board is currently a work in progress. I like to put up pictures from magazines that inspire me. As well hanging my jewelry is not only a great way to store them but they make great decorations. Pictures I have yet to hang in my room. I use fashion to decorate my room #1 because fashion itself is like art and #2 because I’m a little obsessed. These pictures help create a perfect and stylish workplace.

I hope this can help fellow bloggers or aspiring bloggers. If you have anymore blogging questions feel free to comment or continue to email me them. Happy blogging!

Pop of Teal

{Know Style Jacket, American Eagle Shirt, Forever 21 Dress, DKNY Watch, ASOS Bag, Life Stride Wedges}

Don’t worry, I’m still giving you my California outfits. Probably my favorite part of my trip to Cali was deciding what to wear everyday.

I styled this dress fairly simple in a previous post but I wanted to remix it by giving it a fun and colorful twist. I love the trend of tying your tops to create crops (I wrote about here) and I was excited to try it out on my favorite colored top (i love teal). The tee helps tone down the dress to give it a more relaxed (California) feel. I love how the color pops against the neutral polka dot dress. The necklace I’m wearing here I bought while in California. It’s a piece of coral covered in gold. I feel in love with it (as well as the matching earrings, which I regret not buying). I’ve worn it almost everyday since I arrived home in Georgia.

{My Grandpa’s dog Maggie made a surprise appearance in the last shots of my “shoot”. She can’t help but be the center of attention}

Rodeo Drive…

The most exciting part of my trip was walking down Rodeo Drive. Not only because of it’s cameo in my favorite movie (Pretty Women) but mainly because it’s any shop-a-holic’s dream. Though many (and when I say many, I mean all) of the stores were out of my price range, it was still fun to window shop. Especially since the window displays were so decadent. That same day we went to Hollywood where I was able to find stores more in my price range. This included a trip to ZARA, which I had been looking forward to.

As for my outfit, that day I was in a mood for color. My bold necklace is one of my most loved accessories. I love wearing it with neutral pieces to add a pop of color. But for this outfit I decided to add color on color for a fun, bright summer look.

{My Sister and Me on Rodeo Drive}{J.Crew Top, Necklace gifted, Forever 21 Jeans, ASOS Bag, DKNY Watch}