Five Trends We Love

It’s funny how life gets in the way and suddenly months have flown by. I guess that’s my excuse for my delay in posts. I recently got a job at a local clothing store (Cheeky Peach) and its taken up a lot of my time. But being surrounded by clothes has reignited my passion for fashion. Hence the return of the blog and now we are back for good (hopefully).

For those of you who don’t know, I am in love with cold weather. Maybe its because I master layers more efficiently than any other style or because I can rock a sweater. So when fall fashion week comes around each year I get overly excited. I’ve been rocking so many great trends this season its hard to keep my love all to myself:

1. Laced up BootsPicture 6

If there is one item I can label as “my thing” it would be boots. I have an extensive (an continuously growing) collection. And this season I added my first pair of lace up boots. I will admit I was skeptical about the lace up boot trend but once I tried it I became hooked. They add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit.

#2. Fun Fabulous SweatersPicture 7

Nothing says cold weather like a cozy sweater. And this year sweaters have been given a fun twist. Whether its a heart shaped elbow patch or a disheveled edging, We are loving this seasons sweaters with attitude.

#3. Oversized TopsImage

This year we traded out our summer crop tops for falls oversized top trend. This trend is great for fashion lovers like myself who, like a bear, tend to like the figure go during the winter. Not only are these tops extremely comfortable they also are very flattering for all shapes and sizes.

#4. Tribal PiecesImage

Stores have been stocked with pieces composed of tribal patterns or with tribal inspiration. When I first saw them I wasn’t impressed but as I’ve tried mixing and matching this pieces I’ve come to love the bold statements they make. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe whether with a colorfully printed cardigan or a bold sweater.

What trends are you currently lusting after?


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