DIY Halloween Costumes: Stylish Yet Scary

Halloween means ghost, goblins and everything scary! So what’s a girl to do to be scary yet stylish this Halloween? Is it possible to be both? YES it is! Here are a few popular scary costumes with a whole lot of style.

{Fake Blood, Top, Pants, Earrings, Fake Fingers, Bracelet, Booties}

Zombie is a classic Halloween costume yet you don’t have to look dead or decaying to pull this look off. Pair a distressed top with faded and slashed pants. Add edge with studded boots and accessories with bone jewelry. If your a True Blood lover, like myself, then your probably saw Arlene’s scary yet stylish zombie costume. I loved her toe necklace which is easy to recreate. I chose fake fingers for my costume. Take fake fingers and tie them to a string or a chain for a stylish yet gory accessory. Another gory accessory idea: Tie a ribbon to a fake severed head and carry it like a hand bag. Finish off the look with dark make-up like this dead sexy (pun intended) makeup tutorial, messy hair and LOTS of fake blood. If you want scarier make-up check out this tutorial.

{Tights, Fangs, Dress, Ring, Necklace, Heels, Blood Shots, OPI Red Shatter Nail Polish}

Movies like True Blood and Twilight turned vampires from scary to sexy. Now they can be stylish too. For this fashionable vampire costume I paired a black vixen dress with spider web tights. Accessorize with a bat chain necklace, vampire teeth ring and blood red pumps. OPI’s shatter nail polish in red is perfect for your vampire look. As for make-up, check out this vampire makeup look. Don’t forget your fangs, bit of fake blood and maybe a bottle of true blood or blood shots.

{Dress, Necklace, Lipstick, Mirror, Shoes, Nails, Tights}

We all know the legend of Bloody Mary: say Bloody Mary in front of the mirror three times and Mary will come through the mirror and scratch your eyes out. Bloody Mary is the perfect scarey and stylish costume. It’s easy to get this Victorian vixen costume. Start with a lace dress or any Victorian-esque dress.  Pair it with a Gothic choker, slashed leggings and blood spatter heels (these can be easy to DIY). Finish the lip off with red lip and red Gothic eye make-up or bloody eye make-up. Don’t forget to carry around a hand mirror.

{Pants, Shirt, Boots, Hat, Gloves}

Don’t worry guys I’m not leaving you out! A werewolf costume is perfect scary style that can be easily made with clothes in your own closet. All you need is a plaid shirt, jeans and work boots. The only things you’ll probably have to buy is fake hair to make you hairier and a wolf mask. Check out this werewolf pack that comes with a fur hood and gloves (and it’s on sale). This outfit would be fun paired with Little Red Riding Hood if your looking for a couples costume.

Which scary look is your favorite? What will you be going as for Halloween?


2 responses to “DIY Halloween Costumes: Stylish Yet Scary

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  2. These costumes are really good!!! I might use some of them for the next couple of upcoming Halloweens…. there should be some new ones though, like witches or something. 😀

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