Happy Birthday to Fashion Without Borders

Today’s the birthday of Fashion Without Borders. This all started as a little way to relive my passion for fashion. I never thought it’d become what it is today. So much has changed/improved since my first post.

Over the course of a year the blog has received a make-over, got a new domain, received many dedicated fans and has grown and matured. As for me, over the year I’ve been able to meet many new amazing blogger friends, transferred schools, had some downs but many ups. I’ve had so much fun over the year and I can’t wait for year 2. Here are my top favorite posts of all time:

  1. Pop of Teal: My favorite outfit!
  2. Become a Master Packer: So many readers told me this feature helped them which made me happy to know my packing skills came to use to others.
  3. Your Size and Fashion with Shalanda Turner: This was my first guest blogger post. I love what she said about dressing for your size. I really took it to heart. Plus this was the start of a great blogger friendship.
  4. Sailors and Flowers: I love the combination of stripes and florals which is why I decided to hare this post with you.
  5. Diamond in the Rough: My first ever outfit post. I love this pictures taken by my great friend Gina. This post is a fun memory.
  6. Style to GOSSIP About: One of my most popular posts plus I have a huge obsession with Gossip Girl.
  7. Sweatshirts with a Twist: As a college student I find this post very helpful.
Thank you to all more readers for a successful year! To another year of style and success.
What would you like to see in the next year? 

2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Fashion Without Borders

  1. Happy B-day to you Fashion Without Borders!!
    and cheers too many many many more years of success!!!


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