Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Yin

I look for inspiration in everything: magazines, movies, art and especially on the streets. Sometimes the best places for outfit inspiration are from fellow fashionistas. Street Stylin’ Fashionistas features fashionable people from bloggers to students.

Today’s fashionista is Yin of Pretty Quirky Pants. Yin is a blogger in Melbourne, Australia (originally from KL, Malaysia)

Jeans: Lee Jett (

Shirt: Mango – MNG

Blazer: Tiny Dancer

Oxford Shoes: Tuck

Bag: Nancybird (

Yin: “This outfit can be either dressed up or down and can be worn to work or casually. It incorporates all the colours I feel that is prominent for fall and can be worn for any autumn season.

My daily dressing is always based around comfort and appropriate styling for my frame. I also love to wear colours and patterns with the challenge of matching them accordingly as can be seen in this ensemble. In particular I love how the print on the shirt and the pattern on the oxfords go with the maroon coloured jeans.

The pair of oxfords shown in this outfit was an epiphany to me; I had been tossing up the possibility of wearing this type of shoe, not to mention brown ones, for the longest time. I had previously bought a pair of black oxfords and every time I wanted to wear them I just couldn’t match them with anything and kept thinking I should have bought a brown pair! Once I got these, I knew that they were the right choice and have not regretted it since.

All of these items have been purchased in Melbourne, Australia, and definitely show the trends that are prominent here. The bag featured in this outfit is from Nancybird, one of my favourite Melbourne bag brands by designer Emily Wright who produces vintage inspired pieces.”

Me: Where do you get your inspiration? 

{Courtesy of Frankie Magazine}

Yin: “I get my inspiration from anything and everything. It can come from the people around me, the articles I read and of course the shops I visit. The magazine I am currently getting most inspiration from is Australian based and vintage focused, Frankie Magazine

As you can probably tell, I am greatly inspired by my location. Most of my favorite pieces are by Australian designers; they are very original and are different to many other international styles. The detail and materials found in the pieces produced are impeccable, some of my favorites are Claude Maus, Sass and Bide and Nancybird.

Me: What are your favorite Fall trends for 2011? 

Yin: “Some of my favourite fall trends include coloured jeans, oversized sweaters, capes, fur coats and oxford shoes. Half of the list has been worn in the featured outfit and most of them have been featured on my blog.”

Me:What’s you top fashion tip that you feel every fashionista should know or live by?

Yin: Get the fit right and dress for your body type. No matter what it is you are wearing, you HAVE to get the fit right for your body type.

For example, if it’s a pair of skinny jeans, make sure they hug you in the right areas and the wrong areas don’t bulge. If you have a frame that would not be flattered by skinny jeans, simply don’t wear them! There are plenty of other styles that would suit you.

Another example and a pet peeve of mine is if it’s a shirt, make sure the shoulders fit right and the bust is not bursting. No one wants to wait in fear for a button to hit them in the face or to be confused at why you are wearing a shirt too large for yourself.

I cannot stress enough how unflattering a badly fitted piece of clothing can be.”

If you like what you see today check out Yin’s blog Pretty Quirky Pants


One response to “Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Yin

  1. Oh my gosh…. how cute is she??? And what a great interview!!!

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