Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Niyah

I look for inspiration in everything: magazines, movies, art and especially on the streets. Sometimes the best places for outfit inspiration are from fellow fashionistas. Street Stylin’ Fashionistas features fashionable people from bloggers to students.

Today’s fashionista is Niyah of Inexpensive Chic.

“I have loved fashion every since I was a little girl. Up until a few years ago, I realized that my passion for fashion could be turned into a career. After playing around with the idea of what I wanted to do in fashion, I realized my true dream was to become a stylist. Ever since then I have been researching schools, learning more about the industry, reading reference books on style and studying the icons. About two months ago I started a fashion blog. It’s been a great success since then (nearly 1,000 views) and I love sharing my insight with other lovers of fashion. All in all I am a driven person who is passionate about fashion.”

“This outfit was inspired by the September issue of Instyle. One of the things they suggested to try was layering a tunic over a maxi dress. I tried it, loved it, wore it to school, and even got recognized for it on IFB’s weekly round up: Links a La Mode!”

{Tunic- H&M; Maxi Dress- TJ Maxx; Belt- Goodwill; Cuff- Gifted; Scarf- Forever 21; Shoes- Nordstrom}

Me: What is your favorite trend for this fall?

Niyah: “My favorite fall trends are wedges (laced, closed toe, brown), oversized sheer button up tops (printed or not printed) and cream/cocoa blazers!”

Me: What is a rule you think every fashionista should live by? 

Niyah: “I think fashionistas should live by the tip that there are no rules in fashion! Where what you want to wear because you want to wear it. Dress for yourself and own your look with confidence!”

Like what you see? Check out Niyah’s blog Inexpensive Chic.


4 responses to “Street Stylin’ Fashionista: Niyah

  1. You’re so daring! It isn’t my thing, but I think you rock it well. You’ve motivated me to put a shirt over a maxi skirt that I have and rock it.

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  3. Cute she has such amazing style
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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