Fall Shopping Guide: What to Keep and What to Buy

A new season brings a lot of changes: a change in temperature, a change in scenery and a change in wardrobe. This means packing up your light summer pieces and breaking out your thick pieces. There are many amazing fall trends to try this season but it can be a bit overwhelming. You ask yourself: Which trends should I invest in? What pieces can I still wear from last year? Some people have the common misconception that you need a new wardrobe every year. But you don’t need to buy a new closet. Instead invest in a few newer trends and mix them in with your older pieces. Here is my guide to help you update your fall wardrobe without spending a lot. 

What to Keep

{Blue Maxi Skirt, Orange Maxi Skirt, Orange Pants, Purple Pants, Lace Booties, Boots, Orange Striped Shirt, Black and White Striped Shirt}

Maxi Skirts: You don’t necessarily need to pack up your maxis for fall.  The maxi trend is rolling into the fall. Your bright floral skirts might be a little wrong for the season. But solid blues, maroons, reds, and fall patterns are perfect for this fall trends. Maxi skirts look great paired with chunky knits and lace booties.

Lace Booties and Riding Boots: Lace booties and riding boots were all the rage last fall and it seems the excitement isn’t fading. Keep your boots as staples in your fall wardrobe. 

Bright Pants: Bright pants have been taking spot light and they will continue to during fall. So don’t lock up your bright blue, yellow or even pink pants. Instead pair them with chunky knits or denim skirts for a fun fall look.

Graphic Stripes: Graphic stripes were popular last year on the spring/summer runways and there are still in the spotlight. Keep these pieces as staples in your wardrobe this fall. Pair them under blazers, or with chunky knits. The combinations are endless.

What to Buy

{Tartan Bag, Skirt, Polka Dot Bag, Skirt, Blazer, Heel, Tuxedo Top, Wide Leg Trousers, Wide Leg Jeans}

Graphic Tartan: Tartan is usually a bit granny but designers have turned it chic this season. Update your closet with a tartan plaid skirt or jacket. 

Tuxedo Pieces: Women were rocking the tuxedo on the runway this year. It’s a fresh alternative for a night out look. Invest in a white blouse with black bow tie or a black and white blazer. You’ll turn heads. 

Polka Dots: The fall runways were seeing spots.. literally. Spots were all over the runway from big to small from on skirts to tops. Invest in a few spotty pieces this fall like a silky blouse or skirt. It’ll add dimension to your fall wardrobe. Be bold and try mixing stripes and spots. 

Wide Leg Trousers: Tuck away your skinny jeans because this season pants are all about wide legs. Invest in high waisted and wide leg trousers. This seasons silhouette is all about lengthening your legs. So pair your wide leg trousers with cropped knits.

Keep your eyes out for my in-depth profiles of a few of these new trends. As well don’t forget to submit your game-day outfits to Fashion Without Borders. Read here for more details. 


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