Stylish School Spirit

College football season is upon us! Which means saturdays spent tailgating , roasting hotdogs and watching your favorite team play. For all you fashionistas out there, this also means another excuse to show off your personal style.

How do you show off your school spirit in a stylish way? Do you tuck you team’s tee into an a-line skirt? Or maybe you wear a dress in your school colors? Whatever your style may be,  Fashion Without Borders wants to see it. So take a picture of you or your friend (or both) stylishly showing your school spirit and email it to the blog: And you could see yourself on the blog.

So I ask you fashionistas: How do you style your school spirit?

* Rules:

  1. Pictures submitted must be of you (or a willing friend)
  2. Pictures must be your own pictures (no copywrited images)
  3. Email the pictures to 
  4. And include your name, school your showing your spirit for, age, and why you chose to style your outfit that way.
  5. Boys you are included in this too. Feel free to submit your photos.
  6. Have Fun and Good luck! This will opportunity will be going on till the end of football season.

2 responses to “Stylish School Spirit

  1. I am so not a college football fan, but I guess that’s because my alma mater wasn’t that great at football, so I never got into it.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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