My Blogging Essentials

I’ve been receiving many blog related questions lately: “What are your tips for blogging?” “Where do you get your inspiration?” “Any advice for someone who wants to start a blog”. I thought I’d address a few of these questions with this blog post: My Blogging Essentials.

I have two blogging essentials: First what I like to call my blog kit and Second is a stylish work place.

{W Magazine, How to Have Style by Issac Mizrahi, Post its, Staples Agenda, Samsung phone, Vera Bradley Journal, Sharpies, DKNY Watch, Macbook}

My Blog Kit

My blog kit is composed of all the essentials I need to produced a successful blog. 

  1. Inspiration: The key to any great blog. I find inspiration by daily scouring magazines and my collection of fashion books. As well as my favorite fashion blogs.
  2. Post-its: Essential for a forgetful person like myself. My room is plastered with post-its filled with reminders, upcoming blog ideas, etc.
  3. Agenda: To help keep my life on track as well as help me plan ahead on blog posts.
  4. Phone: What I use to do all my tweeting.
  5. Journals and Colorful Pens: I try to keep at least one notebook on me at all time. You never know when an idea will hit you.
  6. Watch: To help me keep track of time as well as being stylish.
  7. Evernote: (not pictured) I recently discovered this computer app and fell in love. It’s perfect for keeping all my ideas, thoughts, inspiration, wants and desires organized.
  8. My Computer: Where Fashion Without Borders was born and where it continues to grow.

My Stylish Workplace

The key to keeping me inspired is to have a inspiring and organized workplace. My workplace happens to be my room and most of my blogging occurs in bed. Surprisingly I get most my ideas when laying in bed. I choose to have inspiring decor to help keep my creative juices flowing. My bookshelf is what I consider to be the fountain of inspiration for Fashion Without Borders. It is filled with my favorite magazines and my collection of fashion books. I am always looking to update my book collection so I’m always inspired. Here are some books I’m lusting afterMy inspiration/ jewelry board is currently a work in progress. I like to put up pictures from magazines that inspire me. As well hanging my jewelry is not only a great way to store them but they make great decorations. Pictures I have yet to hang in my room. I use fashion to decorate my room #1 because fashion itself is like art and #2 because I’m a little obsessed. These pictures help create a perfect and stylish workplace.

I hope this can help fellow bloggers or aspiring bloggers. If you have anymore blogging questions feel free to comment or continue to email me them. Happy blogging!


One response to “My Blogging Essentials

  1. Great post! I use many of the same tools for keeping myself and my blog organized. I love yourI inspiration/jewelry board, I think I’m going to steal that idea!

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