Summer Must-Haves

Today marks the end of week two of my summer and what have I done (besides blogging): Look for a job and be sick for a week. Not exactly an ideal summer break. The only upside is I got to be reunited with the best friend and boyfriend (briefly). So in order to get me in a summery mood and in hopes of getting some good summer mojo I’ve decided to give you guys my top summer must-haves for this season.

Bag It!

{H&M Bag, H&M Bag}

A beach bag is essential for the summer but an important characteristic for my bag is versatility. I want a bag that can be worn on and off the beach. Straw accessories have been really big this season and these two straw bags from H&M are my favorite. They are big enough to fit everything you need for a day on the beach yet would look super cute paired with a summer dress. I’d love to use either of these bags for a summer picnic or barbeque.

Adorn Your Bathing Suit

{Bahama Necklace, Blu Bijoux Necklace}

I’ve talked before about how much I love the idea of accessorizing your bathing suit. And what is beachier then accessorizing with beach-themed jewelry? I love these two necklaces with their different shell charms. When paired with a bathing suit it’ll look incredibly stylish. Or mermaid chic as I’d like to call it.

Tame Your Mains

{H&M Hat, H&M Flower, H&M Headband}

What I love most about summer is letting your hair go au natural. It’s ok to let your locks run wild and free. But sometimes (especially at the beach or pool) you just want them out of your face. These three pieces are perfect for taming your hair while still keeping with the summer and beach theme.

Cover-Up In Disguise

{Topshop Cover-up}

As you probably know versatility is KEY to me. So what I want most out of my cover-up is something that looks chic on the beach and off the beach. This peach cover-up from Topshop does just that. It has a long flowy Grecian feel that is perfect for long walks on the beach but it can easily paired with bangles and wedges for a great dinner outfit.

Here’s to hoping my summer gets better and your summer stays amazing!


3 responses to “Summer Must-Haves

  1. I thought I was the only one who wore statement necklaces on the beach or at the pool with my bathing suit. I really love the straw bags with garnishes,…either flowers or scarves. Glad you feel better girlie
    Live Life in Style

  2. Hope you’re feeling better Sophie! I love those beach bag picks! I saw a super adorable straw one at Target for like $20, but these might be even cuter! 🙂


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