My Nautical Obsession with Sadie

Meet this weeks guest blogger: Sadie of What Sadie DidOn my blog I write about a bit of this and that, and often ‘this and that’ includes fashion! I love clothes, and after a slightly frugal upbringing, I now have enough spare cash to treat myself to a little bit what I fancy every now and again! One of my indulgences is anything nautical.

{Top left: Dresses, Zara and Primark. Top right: Shirt, vintage; Blazer, Glassons.
Bottom left: Blouse and shrug, both Primark; top, House of Fraser. Bottom right: Dresses, Primark, New Look and Primark.}

I don’t know what it is that attracts me to nautical themed clothing, shoes and accessories…I’m not a particularly good swimmer, and apart from a stint in the Canary Islands and my new life in NZ, I’ve never lived by the sea! But whenever I see shiny gold (or brass) buttons, a navy pinstripe, or an anchor applique, I can’t help but to snag it up! I guess I’m a nautical magpie.

My obsession began several years ago, before the nautical theme became ‘trendy’. I bought a nautical themed halterneck and soon wore it at every opportunity. (Sadly nowadays it is in the ‘too small’ pile in my wardrobe.)

{Scarves: Primark and Pulp Kitchen. Shoes: Alberto Guardiani and Primark. Gossip Girl sailor dress.}

On my wish list of nautical items is a navy blazer with the sailor flap over the shoulders. And one day I would like to have the chance to wear an amazing sailor dress like Blair from Gossip Girl. Simple things that would make my day!

Nautical themed clothing is still popular this year, especially as it’s coming summer in the northern hemisphere (it’s winter here in NZ but I did manage to snap up a navy woolly scarf a couple of weeks ago with anchors on it to help me through the dull, grey months ahead!).

I don’t ever advise going head to toe nautical in one outfit – you don’t want to end up looking like a sailor. My tip would be to pick one nautical element and team it with something that complements it rather than matches it perfectly – say a striped blazer or a dress, with plain accessories. Otherwise you risk looking a little bit daft and there’s nothing fun about that, is there?!


3 responses to “My Nautical Obsession with Sadie

  1. I adore anything nautical, and i cant get over those cream pumps with the navy bows….so cute!

  2. Cute post Sadie! I love nautical looks too, though I don’t have as many items as you!

    Live Life in Style

  3. This is all so adorable and summery. Great blog…I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

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