Marvelously Monochrome

{Energie button down, Forever 21 shorts, Colorful necklace (gift from the boyfriend), H&M Belt, Blowfish Flats}

I recently wrote an article for Thread Magazine on this season’s monochromatic trend. Through my research and exploration of the monochromatic look, I fell in love with the sleek look of one-color ensembles. My favorite of monochrome look is an all white ensemble, which is what inspired this outfit (along with my love for white button-downs). I love how this outfit looks crisp and surprisingly chic. But I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of color with a fun multi-colored necklace and a blue woven belt. I love how the colors pop against the white.

When it comes to wearing one color outfits people can be a bit apprehensive so here are a few quick tips:

  1. Try pairing different shades of one color to add dimension.
  2. If you’re worried about the look being boring throw in an accessory of a different color for a surprising twist.
  3. Mix up the look by adding pattern into the mix. Try pairing yellow striped shirt with yellow flowered skirt.


2 responses to “Marvelously Monochrome

  1. This look is perfect! The colorful accents add a lovely touch 🙂


    sorelle in style

  2. I love the all white look too. I like how you styled it with the colors in the accessories

    Live Life in Style

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