Stylin’ From Down Under with Sam Allister

This week’s guest blogger is Sam Allister of The Curvy Girl’s Diary.

A big hello from Aussie land I’m so excited that I get to do this guest post for such a great blog and turn it into a big Aussie fashion love fest!

Australia has always been known for our fantastic beaches and laid back attitude but what has become more apparent over the years is our unique style. We have the knack for taking the latest trends and adding a laid back, beach vibe. It will make you want to grab a surfboard, the latest Sass and Bide jeans and jet off to a beach in Bryon Bay.

Our street fashion is quite laid back in comparison to other countries.  Whilst still always being on trend we somehow manage to add a deconstructed feel. Whether it is with unique accessories or adding crazy braids to a tailored outfit. We like to make our own rules, which may be why Australian designers are now getting recognized in a big way labels like: Bec and Bridge, One Teaspoon and the iconic Sass and Bide (to name just a few). People seem to be really digging the Aussie vibe.

I guess the lesson can be taught to anyone. The amazing Coco Chanel had a saying

“Look in the mirror before you leave the house and take one thing off”.

I say hell No! Add that amazing tasseled scarf or that oversized chunky ring and wear it with attitude. Your style is what makes you unique so channel a little bit of everyone including a little bit of aussie surfer charm.{Photos from Royal Aus Fashion Week Courtesy of Google Images}

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One response to “Stylin’ From Down Under with Sam Allister

  1. Neat post on the style down under!

    Live Life in Style

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