Diamond in the Rough

{Forever 21 Shirt, Forever 21 Necklaces, Do & Be Skirt, Blowfish Flats}

For some reason when I saw this picture the saying “a diamond in the rough” immediately popped into my head. I think it’s because I’m wearing a sequence skirt in the grass. I absolutely love the picture above shot my very talented friend Gina. I absolutely love this sequins skirt but I always struggle with how to style it. I’ve worn it with a black top and black boots before. But this combination has to be my favorite.  I love the pairing of a simple tee with a glitzy skirt (or a leather skirt). It’s a fashion forward combo.{I thought I’d throw this one in because I’m not smiling in any of the others. Just wanted to show I’m not a super serious person}


5 responses to “Diamond in the Rough

  1. Yay! I get to see the post of my fav pic from your feature on my blog! I love this skirt. I agree. I really like pairing a simple tee with a glittery bottom Great job on this look

    Live Life in Style

  2. That’s an adorable skirt! I like your look a lot.

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