Building the Perfect Closet: The Classic Blouse

The most important thing to a girl is her closet and every girl dreams of having a killer closet, the Carrie Bradshaw closet. But it isn’t the size of Carrie’s closet that makes it so amazing, it’s the pieces. A closet shouldn’t be judged on its size or quantity but rather the pieces inside of it. With a few essential pieces you can build yourself an amazing closet.  This new segment Building the Perfect Closet I’m going to help you to fill your wardrobe with the essential items every girls needs; items that will be stylish and timeless.

Today’s item: the classic blouse.

{ASOS Blue Blouse, Topshop Lace Blouse, ASOS Orange Blouse, Oasis Black Patterned Blouse, Topshop Cream Blouse, Oasis Red Blouse, Waterhouse Teal Blouse, ASOS Butterfly Blouse}

Lately I’ve come to adore blouses. I used to see them as old lady items but they’ve been restructured and redesigned with a feminine, youthful flare. A blouse is a timeless piece that can be worn in so many ways. Pair it with jeans and simple accessories for a casual and chic look. Dress it up with a pencil skirt and pumps for a professional look. Pair it with a leather skirt for a trendy and edgy look.

When it comes to buying those essentials to build your wardrobe this is where you splurge. It’s ok to spend a little more for a quality item that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

{Oasis Olive Blouse, Topshop Jeans, H&M Bag, Dorothy Perkins Heels}

{Oasis Blouse, Topshop Pleated Skirt, Steve Madden Heels, Debenhams bag}

{Topshop Blouse, Halston Heritage Skirt, Chain Necklace, Dorothy Perkins Heels}

When it comes to the classic blouse you can never have enough. So fill your closet with blouses of all different shades and patterns.

P.S. Check out my interview with Live Life in Style.


2 responses to “Building the Perfect Closet: The Classic Blouse

  1. Love your style for these blouses! I agree a closet is only as good as what’s in it!! I like this new feature!

    Live Life in Style

    • I’ve been trying to build a better closet lately (more staples less trendy items) and I’ve been learning a lot about creating a perfect wardrobe. Wanted to help others by spreading the knowledge. Glad its working haha. And by looking at your outfit posts I can tell you have a great closet

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