Inspired by… the Beach

With the rain pouring down on Ohio Sunday I couldn’t help but find myself day dreaming of the beach.  While many of you on semesters are enjoying the sun, those of us less fortunate on quarters are still stuck in the classroom. But I am counting down the days till summer and to help me make it through these last few weeks I’ve been planning the necessities for a fashionable summer. I’m completely in love with accessorizing bathing suits and finding ways to look chic on the beach.

{Pink Tank, White Linen Pants, H&M Scarf, Coral Bikini, Topshop Hydrangea Flower Sandals}

Wearing white linen pants is a chic version of a beach cover-up. It creates a laid back but sophisticate vibe.

{Forever 21 Floral Tank, AE Cutoffs, H&M Bikini, Topshop Sandals, H&M Necklace, H&M Ring}

I love the look of wearing big necklaces and rings to the beach. It’s fashion forward and bold.

{H&M Bikini, H&M Boater Hat, Forever 21 Dress, Aldo Wedges}

Boater hat + striped dress + red wedges= chic nautical look. I love how chic this outfit is and how you can easily go for beach to dinner or vice versa.


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