Put a Hat on it…

{Vogue February 1952 courtesy of Vogue.com}

I’ve never been a hat person. The only hat I’ve ever worn is a baseball hat and that’s only to sporting events or when my hair is untamable.  But lately I’ve become completely obsessed with hats, like I need another form of accessory to be addicted to.  It originally started with the Royal Wedding and the Kentucky Derby fueled it.

But when I saw Vogue’s collection of iconic images of hats from Vogue through the years, it made my love go from a fascination to a full on obsession.

{Courtesy of Vogue.com}

I love how hats just polish off your outfit. I’m really want a great vintage hat. I loved how elegant the women at the Royal wedding looked and I’d love to have a hat (or two) to add some elegance to an ensemble.  Here are my must-have hats:

  1. Forever 21 Fancy Chains Basketweave Hat: Love this hat for the beach
  2. Nordstrom ‘Summer” Straw Cloche Hat (in Red and Natural): The straw makes it perfect for summer yet it’s still refined.
  3. ModCloth Think Summer Hat: The floral is perfect for spring.
  4. H&M Straw Hat: This classic boater hat (when styled right) can polish off any ensemble
  5. River Island Cloche Hat with Bow: Love the refined and demure look of this hat.
  6. ZARA Leopard Print Trilby: I love leopard print so ofcourse I want to embrace it in a hat.
  7. ASOS Lace Trilly Hat: I love how this hat is so one of a kind.
  8. Nordstrom Two Tone Fedora: I love the color and how the bow makes the fedora look classier.
  9. TopShop Natural Straw Squashed Bow Floppy Hat: Everyone needs a big floppy hat.

What do you think of hats? Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?


2 responses to “Put a Hat on it…

  1. I love hats! I don’t know if I could pull off the big hats of old, or the ones ladies at my church wear, but I like bowler, floppies, and cloche hats…so chic

    Live Life in Style

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