Your Size and Fashion with Shalanda Turner

In today’s world, women are more and more obsessed with their size and the number on their clothes than ever before.  Do you find yourself not buying items because for it to fit, you’d have to go up a size?  Do you squeeze into clothes that are too small for you? Have you ever stopped to wonder why you subject your mental health and your body to these stresses?

The fashion industry focuses on thin models with sample sizes usually being a 2 or below.   We see celebrities get slammed when they gain a few extra pounds and actually look like “real” women.  And as much as we all want to say we don’t do it, society observes plus size woman differently.  Did you know that the average size for women is a size 14? Yes, that’s right! Not the size 2, and 00 that is constantly thrown in our face through entertainment. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being thin, if you are a size 2 great! If you are a size 14 great!

I recently lost weight, about 30 lbs to be exact. I went from 186, size 14 to 155, size 10/borderline 8, and I feel great, but I’m still not sample size? Do I want to be sample size? No. I love being curvy.  I was curvy at a size 14, but I wanted to lose the weight to be healthier and have more energy, but even when I was bigger I still dressed for my size.

Here I am as a size 14

Here I am as a size 10

Obviously you can tell that there was a loss of weight between the 2 photos, but I don’t think it’s an obvious 30-pound difference.  Why is that? Because when I was a size 14 I knew how to wear pieces that flattered my figure.Whenever I told someone that I was 186 lbs, no one believed me!! I never wore things that were too tight, that would result in a muffin top, nor did I hide my weight in oversized, baggy clothing.  No matter what your weight is, you can find clothes to fit you; you just have to stop worrying about the number on the clothes. A size number on an item of clothing is just that…a number. In my first picture I was wearing a size 14 skirt and a size large button-down, but I looked smaller than a size 14 because they FIT. Imagine if I had tried to squeeze into a size 12?? Something like this would have resulted, probably making me look like a size 16!!

It works the other way too, wearing clothes that are too big for you. Since I’ve lost the weight, I have been stuck with closets and dressers full of bigger clothing. I try to make things works as best I as I can (because who has money to haveeverything tailored and to buy a new wardrobe??). Here I am trying to wear clothes that are too big…

This dress is a size 14, and I tried to cinch it with the belt and the shirt is an X-large, overall it looked halfway decent, but it still made me look frumpy.

In order to find a good fit, you have to understand how clothes work.  Have you ever gone shoe shopping, and in one store you are a size 8 and then, magically in another store you need an 8.5? Did your foot really grow in the span of time it took you to walk from one store to the next? Or is it more plausible that there’s some discrepancy in sizes from one brand to another?  Ding, Ding, Ding!! Do not be discouraged when trying on clothes and in one store you’re an 8 and in another you’re a 10.  And if you’re normal size is an 8 and you happen to fit into a random size 6, don’t try to squeeze into every size 6 you see after that.

Clothes by design vary in fit and quality.  The closer to high-end a piece of clothing is, before just being tailor-made (haute-couture), the better the fit.  The material is better, and it’s probably not made in a factory warehouse. Clothes on the low-end of the fashion industry will have numerous variations. In fact I’ve seen variations in the SAME SIZE. This is the world of shopping for woman. Instead of being so focused on the number, worry about fit. Does this flatter my figure? Do I have a muffin top? Do I look like I’m swimming in my clothes?  I’ve never experienced someone complimenting me on an outfit and then asking what size I’m wearing. Have you?

When you look good, you look good no matter what the tag that no one sees reads!

By: Shalanda Turner of Live Life in Style

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8 responses to “Your Size and Fashion with Shalanda Turner

  1. Great layout! I really enjoyed writing this post for your page! I would love to do more!


  2. loved this!! VERY well-written piece and yes, i didn’t see much of a difference in the photos. you looked good in every photo!!

  3. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all your thoughts you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  4. Such a great post and I have to admit that sometimes I do get too focused on the size versus the fit. You look amazing and definitely know how to dress for your body (which is more than I can say for many women out there).


    Britt + Whit

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