Guest Blogger Shalanda Turner of Live Life in Style

As promised, big changes are coming fro Fashion Without Borders. The first big change is guest bloggers. Meet Fashion Without Borders’s first guest blogger:

“Hi Everyone! My name is Shalanda Turner, but my friends call me Shasie. I’m a 27 year-old engineer by day, fashionista by night! I started my blog in February 2010 after I discovered What I Wore written by Jessica Quirk. I had been providing advice for my friends and family for years and updating new outfit posts to facebook all the time and decided to start a blog. It started off being called Shasie’s Fashion Advice. I thought that was a bit presumptuous for someone just starting out and changed the name to Live Life in Style. I really wanted it to be more of a personal style blog over opinions on fashion.”

You can look forward to Shalanda’s blog post come Monday but in the mean time check out her blog Live Life in Style.


3 responses to “Guest Blogger Shalanda Turner of Live Life in Style

  1. SO excited to be your first guest blogger! Yay!

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