Inspired by… Forever 21

It’s Spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the spring clothes are making their appearance. Stores are packing up the winter layers and filling their windows with spring colors, fabrics, styles and patterns. I’m ready to fill my days with picnics, lunches on the patio, and walks on the bike path dressed in floral dresses, soft skirts and ruffle dresses.

One trend that I’ve been ready to sink my teeth in: mixing prints. This season it seems that nobody is mixing prints better then Forever 21. When it comes to their clothes and style, Forever 21 is never afraid of being bold nor do the hold back on the color. I love their eclectic mix in their latest spring spread. Let’s take a note from them and not be afraid of color or patterns. Mix your stripes and florals, your florals and florals.

TIP: To the eclectic Forever 21 vibe, layer different colorful necklaces on top of each other.


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