Inspiration Board for Spring

I spent the past week back home in Georgia where the sun was shinning and the temperatures were in the high 70’s. It was a great way to break from school. I spent the week in dresses, skirts, tank tops and sandals. It was nice to feel the sun on my skin while shopping, and spending time reuniting with friends and family. It felt like spring had finally arrived. Though I am currently back at school where the temperatures are a bit colder then weather, I have completely moved into spring mode. This spring I’m inspired by a wide variety of pattern, styles, textures and themes. My inspiration board is made up of all the aspects inspiring my spring wardrobe this year.

I’ve always been drawn to natural colors and texture; this spring is no exception. My inspiration board is filled with nudes and neutrals. I’m being drawn to rich colors like cognac browns and taupe. For jewelry, I’m in love with natural stone jewelry. I find it raw and edgy.


While I’m loving the nudes I am also drawn to bright colored bags. While shopping this break I saw so many bright orange, blue and yellow bags. It was hard not to snatch them all up. I’m drawn to the contrast of mixing nudes with bright bags.


I’ve always been a fan of Ralph Lauren and there is nothing Ralph Lauren knows better then nautical inspired clothing. This spring I am all about nautical stripes, nautical inspired jewelry and nautical colors. I love the fresh and spring feel they give off.



When I think spring I think romance. This spring I’m all about soft fabrics, soft ruffles and feminine details. I also have fallen for antler necklaces this spring. I love the combination of soft ruffles and natural jewelry like antlers. The best part of fashion is combining different styles. This season I can’t wait to mix patterns. I love nautical stripes and floral skirts so why not combine them.  I love the eclectic look mixing patterns create.

It’s easy to become inspired by fashion. You can find inspiration in magazines, in nature, in art and in movies. So what’s inspiring you this spring?


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