Strip Down to the Nude

Strip down because spring is all about nude…. Colors. This spring nude is the new black and designers are embracing the change by creating a wide range of pieces in skin-tone shades. Nude is a perfect trend to try because there are a wide variety of shades so it will be easy to find a shade that works with your skin tone. Nude is great for spring as it’s soft, elegant, feminine and sexy all in one. So to help you down the path to stripping down to nude without baring all, here are a few tips:

You can find a wide range of nude shades: beige, caramel, cream, taupe, and blush to name a few. The key is to experiment with different shades to find the right shade for your skin tone. If you have a lighter complexion start with a pinky shade (like blush) and if you are darker then start with a taupe like shade. Tip: You don’t want your exact skin tone or else you will look washed out.

When it comes to accessorizing with nude black always looks great and it’s a great go-to color to pair with nude. For a more bold choice try accessorizing with jewel-toned colors like emerald, purple, and gold. The contrast between the too will look bold and elegant. Red also looks great for the bold fashionistas who are willing to push the envelope.

If your not willing to jump into the nude trend with a nude dress or top, try dipping your toe into a pair of nude pumps. Not only is a nude pump a great choice for spring but it’s also a classic that every woman should invest in. Nude ballet flats or strappy sandals are another great way to work the nude trend into your wardrobe.

  1. Powder Crop Top from H&M $4.99
  2. Nude Contemporary Clog from Lori’s Shoes $25
  3. Raglan Sleeve Blouse from Topshop $66
  4. Nude Punch Out Detail from Topshop $70
  5. Razor Back Beige Maxi Dress from H&M  $12.99
  6. Favorite Nickname Jumper from ModCloth $65
  7. Nude Chiffon Pussybow Blouse from Dorothy Perkins $30
  8. Peter Pan Shift by Rare** from Topshop $36
  9. Powder Flared Jersey Skirt from H&M $6.99
  10. ASOS Grosgrain Frame Clutch at ASOS $22.41
  11. ASOS Lucy Bow Detail Ballerina Flats from ASOS $35.86
  12. Suedette Cage Wedges from Forever21 $29.80

There are a wide variety of nude pieces to work with; from a nude shift dress to a nude chiffon top to a form fitted nude dress or simple nude shorts. The key is finding a piece that fits your own personal style and to not be afraid to strip down to the nude (the color that is).


4 responses to “Strip Down to the Nude

  1. Lisa Fredericksen

    Well done—-“And a shout-out to my mom who bought me nude slingbacks!”. Dad and I are going out to eat dinner on Saturday night and I will be wearing a nude Calvin Klein dress (bought 2 years ago—but a classic I will own forever)–with a crystal-strand simple necklace—(also purchased on sale @ Nordstroms!! I will try to remember to send a photo!!

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  3. i love the dress!

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