The Perfect Shopping Buddy

When it comes to shopping sometimes you need a little help. I mean the celebrities don’t develop their flawless personally style, they have help from some of the best (and expensive) stylists in America. So why should we expected to develop a great sense of style and cultivate a fashionable closet all by ourselves? While you may not be able to afford the skills of a professional stylist you can enlist a friend for help. Shopping can be hard and stressful but with a shopping buddy it will become a little bit easier.

When it comes to picking a shopping buddy it can’t be just anybody. There are some important factors that your shopping buddy needs in order to find the perfect fit.

  1. It’s important to have a shopping buddy whose sense of style and closet you envy. Let’s face it; we all have a friend whose clothing options you might question. If they can’t dress themselves they won’t be much help dressing you.
  2. Find a friend with similar taste. If your shopping buddy is boho while you are preppy, she will probably be trying to dress you in flowy tops when you might be more comfortable in structure pieces.
  3. Your shopping buddy must have similar budget. There is nothing worse then shopping with a friend who is spending with her parents’ credit card while you are spending your minimum wage waitressing check.  A $40 dress may seem like pocket change to her but to you it’s 5 hours of serving drinks.
  4. Your shopping buddy needs to tell it like it is. No tiptoeing around your feelings. If you try on a dress that is unflattering you need a buddy who will tell you so you don’t waste your money on a bad investment.
  5. Your shopping buddy needs to know you closet. It’s good to have a friend who knows your closet well so they can help you decide whether a piece will fit in it. Likewise you should know there’s too so you can help them out.

As I am officially 20 years old, I have reached a point in my life where I need to stop shopping to shop and start shopping to build a wardrobe with my own personal style. As much as I love to think I’m stylish and a savvy shopper, I am also extremely indecisive. Let’s face it; sometimes shopping is too much to do by ourselves. It’s nice to have a shopping buddy who can give you a second opinion.


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