Dressing For Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us, which means in the next few weeks college students will be flocking to the beach of their choice for a week of sand, sun and water. This also means a week of beach inspired ensembles from maxi dresses to floral skirts to flowy cover-ups.  For many this will be the first time that they can shed their winter clothing in exchange for spring fashion. But you don’t want to spend your trip digging through your bag, so keep your packing light and basic. Let’s start building your spring break wardrobe.

The Essentials:

  • Bathing suits: Bathing suits will be your main attire during spring break so these are what you want the most of. I recommend bringing a couple patterned and a couple basic colored bathing suits. This way you can mix and match.
  • Dresses: Bring two (or three) dresses and maybe one maxi dress. You can use accessories to dress them up for a night out or keep them simple for a casual day.
  • Sandals: Bring a pair that is waterproof for the beach and two/three pairs for the day. As well make sure you bring a pair of sneakers if you planning on doing any activities (hikes, and such).
  • Heels: Bring one/two pairs that will match all your dresses.
  • Beach Essentials: Make sure you don’t leave home without a cute cover-up, beach bag, and beach hat.
  • The Basics: For shorts bring about three or four pair, you don’t need one for everyday with your dresses/skirts. For tops have a good mix of basic tops and patterned tops. Make sure to bring one jacket and maybe a pair of jeans as the temperature does drop at night.

Remember keep your wardrobe basic; only bring what you need. Bringing too much will result in time being wasted searching for clothing that could be better spent on getting your spring break tan.


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