Spring Break Must-Haves (for girls and guys!)

Spring break is quickly approaching which means fairly soon beaches across America will be packed full of crazy college students looking to have a good time. Whether you will be spending this break in the ‘Sin City’ of spring break vacation spots, Panama City Beach, or if your like me and rather spend your break at a less crowded more relaxing beach, there are a few must-haves that are essential for any spring breaker (guy or girl).

  1. Sunglasses: I recommend leaving the designer shades at home and pack these less expensive but still stylish ASOS’s pair.
  2. Sandals: Think cute and comfortable (and water proof) like these Alloy espadrilles.
  3. Bathing Suit: I recommend bringing a couple patterned ones and then some basic ones so you can mix and match. This AE black bikini is simple but sexy.
  4. Cover-Up: I love the fabric and color of this TopShop cover-up.
  5. Beach Bag: This floral bag is cute, yet will fit all your beach needs.
  6. Sunscreen: Necessary! This Clinique spray sunscreen dries quickly without leaving you greasy.
  7. Going out dress: This fun, and sexy. Like this sweet, but sultry H&M dress.
  8. Maxi-dress: Maxi dresses (like this Forever21 one) are perfect for long walks on the beach.
  9. Sweater: This is a must-have as temperatures drop at night. Try this AE comfy sweater.
  10. Hat: This straw fedora is super cheap but super cute. It’d look great with beachy waves.

  1. Sunglasses: Find a pair that fits your style but leave the designer shades at home. With all the action you’ll be doing on the beach, you’re bound to drop or break them. Try these aviators or these classic pair.
  2. Beach shoes: They don’t have to be sandals. These boat shoes work great for the beach too.
  3. Bathing suit: Have fun with it like this colored bathing suit.
  4. Beach bag: This backpack has a rugged feel but will fit all you need for a great day at the beach.
  5. Sunscreen: This Jack Black sunscreen is perfect for guys. It’s not greasy but still sweatproof.
  6. Nice shirt: When you hit the town with the guys you’ll need something nice to impress the ladies. So try this button-down shirt.
  7. Jacket: This is a must-have as temperatures drop at night. Try this stripped H&M jacket.
  8. Hat: Try this woven hat or have fun with this sailor-inspired hat.

One response to “Spring Break Must-Haves (for girls and guys!)

  1. Lisa Fredericksen

    I am having a hard time seeing Reed in the Pananma straw hat or the sailor-inspired cap—baseball cap—maybe!

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