Inspired by…. HM and J.Crew

Inspiration can come from anything: street style, runways, television, and magazine pictorials. Lately I’ve been passing the time checking out the spring lines by online shopping. As depressing as it is since I’m cutting back on my shopping in order to be a more money-wise “grown-up”, I did come across a few things that made me smile. What were these things: H&M’s spring campaign and J.Crew’s spring lookbook.

I absolutely adore H&M you can ask my boyfriend whose arm I regularly yank on every time we pass by it.  I can’t walk pass H&M without dragging him in and making him endure hours of “oohs”, “ahhhs”, “do you like this” and “I want this” (and the poor man puts up with it). If you have a strong relationship with H&M as I do then you are in for a treat with their new Spring Awakening campaign. I love the country, western, outdoor vibe with all the use of denim and natural colors. So here are my H&M Spring Awakening inspired looks:

I am that girl you see at the mall with her face pressed up to the J.Crew window. No girl can deny: J.Crew is amazing. The only downside is the large price tag that comes with it. Oh how I long for the days when my clothing was paid for by my parents (oh to be a kid again). But now I just wander the store drooling over the clothing and dreaming of the day when I will be rich enough to have closet (or two) full of J.Crew clothing. So when their collection look book came out I can’t say I was surprised by how amazing it was. The outfits it featured were chic, but the price tag that came with it, not so much. So being inspired by J.Crew’s look book I creative looks that are equally chic but more budget friendly:


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