Dreaming of Spring 2011

Spring has much to desire for any fashionista: warmer weather, spring flowers, spring dresses, ruffles, flowy skirts and a chance to let our skin show. With the ground covered in slush-like snow, hidden ice patches (which have resulted in multiple embarrassing falls for me) and the temperatures below 10°, I am officially over winter weather. So to help brighten up my normally dreary winter days, I am spending my time looking forward to spring dresses, bright colors, bold patterns and spring weather.

While the temperatures in Ohio may be below freezing I’m imagining myself in much warmer spring weather but mostly I’m just excited for the clothes. I can’t help it, plus it doesn’t help that all the stores are starting to show off their spring lines. While there are many spring trends to look forward too, here are two I’m completely drooling over.

Bold prints have been big on the runways, from Aztec prints to floral patterns. Most of all I love how designers are mixing and matching patterns for a bold ensemble. The items I’m loving the most are:

  • Motel Wallflower Print Ethel Shorts at ASOS $55
  • Multicolored Floral Print Flippy Skirt at Topshop $51
  • Aztec Print Striped Vest at Topshop $36
  • Tribal Patterns Top at Forever21 $17.80
  • Green Scribble Daisy Scallop Vest at Topshop $26
  • Orange Flower Shorts $9.99 at H&M
  • Cork Heeled Floral Patterned Wedges at H&M $29.99

It seems neutral trends are still hott and I’m loving them. These neutral or minimalistic trends look so chic and I can’t wait to wear them this spring:

  • ASOS Pique Chelsea Scalloped Shift Dress at ASOS $78
  • Favorite Nickname Rompers at ModCloth $65
  • Pom Pom Trim Shift Dress by Rare** at Topshop $78
  • Rosetta Trim Dress by Rare** at TopShop $78
  • Pussybow Blouse by Boutique at Topshop $78
  • Ecru Shoulder Detail Cropped Blazer at Topshop $110
  • Pleated Dress by Rare** at Topshop $6

Now that we’ve seen the trends it’s time to put them together. I’m in love with this orange, cropped light flowy top. I love the 70s feel of this shirt and when paired with white jeans and these fun patterned wedges it makes for a fun spring ensemble. Outfit number two embraces a popular trend on the runway: mixing patterns. I love this look and I can’t wait to do it. The key to mixing patterns is make sure they both have at least one similar color to pull it together. The last ensemble is probably my favorite. I am a huge fan of the neutral and minimalist look. I love the color, simple cut and flow of this dress. To give it a little pop I paired it with these fun patterned heels and this fringe necklace I’m in love with.


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