Go Try It On: Your New Best Friend

The key to getting dressed for any even whether it be class, or lunch with friends, or a date or a night on the town is the approval (You know what I’m talking about). When you’re a girl getting dressed is a long process, which involves a couple check-ins with your friends.

“Should I wear this dress?” “Should I wear heels or flats” “Should I wear my hair up or down?”

Advice is the key to putting together any good ensemble. But sometimes you can’t always get it. This year my friends and I no longer live two doors don from each other but rather in completely different building. This makes it hard to get advice on your outfit choices a lot. I’m extremely indecisive so I love having my friends put in their two cents. Sometimes I’ve even run over to their dorms carrying three different outfits screaming, “What do I wear? What do I wear?” But now I have an easy solution to that Go Try It On.

Go Try It On is a online sight where you can upload pictures of your outfits and people all over will comment and rate whether you should “Wear it” or “Change it”. It’s great because you can get advice on your outfit when your friends can’t be there. Another great aspect of this sight is their rule that comments are “helpful not hurtful” which everyone seems to follow. People are really great on giving you their advice on how to improve your outfit or what they love about it. The sights so useful and I’m extremely addicted. It’s easy to use, simply make a profile and upload your picture. They even have a cool app where you can blur your face in case you want to be secretive. I recommend doing this 100%. So go online and start getting fashion advice or give your to someone else’s. Feel free to check out my account and leave your comments while your at it.


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