Winter-ize Your Spring Dress

Winter weather always gets me in a funk. It’s cold and dreary, making it unappealing to leave my bedroom. I haven’t even been back to school for a week yet and I’ve already thrown style out the window. The problem, besides struggling to leave my warm bed in the morning, is I feel uninspired fashion-wise in the winter. I feel like all of my warm clothes are just boring and dull.  After days of jeans and sweatshirts, I needed to shake up my winter wardrobe.  It was time to mix things up by throwing in some skirts and dresses. I absolutely love dresses especially my floral spring dresses. But the problem is you can’t wear a strapless floral dress in the middle of winter. Or can you?

The key to mastering fashion is never afraid to be daring. So why not mix up your dull winter wardrobe by throwing in a floral dress. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to tuck away your strapless dresses. The key is mixing in winter pieces to add warm and winterize your originally springtime dress. So here are the tips:

Throw a cropped sweater over your strapless floral dress. Pull the sweater in with a woven belt and cover up your legs with thick tights. Finish it off with a pair of winter boots and add some personality with a necklace (possible a sparkly statement necklace). This outfit makes a strapless dress into a warm and comfortable winter approved ensemble.

Wear your dress over a long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck. Pair it with a cozy scarf, tights and boots (like these buckled riding boots) for a cute and casual winter look that adds a pop of color.

Pair your floral dress with a chunky cardigan or knit sweater. For a more polished look pair your dress with a tailored blazer. Add tights and cute booties to warm up the look and winterize it. You can add some personality with scarves or a fun pair of decorated tights like these brassy tights.

The key to pulling off this look is mixing more neutral colored and winter pieces with your bright spring dress. That way your adding color to your ensemble while looking winter appropriate.


One response to “Winter-ize Your Spring Dress

  1. LOVE these ideas! I see a few girls at my high school who can wear stuff like this & they look adorable! I wear outfits like this but I recently have been in need of a new pair of boots for outfits like this, I have a pair of adorable little black booties that are unique & I love them except they’re getting a bit old & i want to have a variety! 🙂

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