Chic Winter Layers

First day back at school is always miserable. For starters I’m still in vacation mode as well as missing my boyfriend, friends and family (especially my little brothers) I left back in Georgia. Then you have the stress and jitters of the first day back at school. Even though I’m 19 (almost 20) years old I still feel like I’m five years old every time I start a new school year or new quarter. You know that feeling of awkwardness, nervousness and fear all bumping around in your stomach. And on top of everything I’ve gone from Georgia weather to freezing Ohio weather. The biggest challenge to me about going to school in Ohio is getting dressed. Even though it’s my second year here at Ohio University, I still haven’t adjusted to the cold weather nor have I fully grasped how to dress for the freezing temperatures. The problem I face: I either dress too light or too warm. Or when I dress just right I end up getting a two-hour class in a room with no air conditioning, no windows you can open and the heat blaring… let’s just say I know how I Thanksgiving turkey now feels. But I feel I’ve been getting much better at finding ways to be fashionable and warm. Here’s the secret: Layers.

I know, I know layering isn’t much of a secret but it can be a difficult to master so you look chic without looking bulky. So I will give you a few simple tips to make you a fashionable layering master.

  1. Start with a light, basic layer such as a short sleeve tee or a thinner long sleeve tee.
  2. Top with a cardigan or a chunky open-knit sweater.  **Tip- If your second layer is more bulky or less flowy then add a thin belt around the waist to pull the look together and show off some curves.
  3. Wrap a scarf around your neck. If you opted for a chunky knit then pair a lighter scarf with an ensemble (not a knitted one).
  4. This is where you add your winter jacket. Choose one that is warm but since you already have layers on underneath it, don’t wear a thick or puffier jacket. Adding a really thick/ puffy jacket will make you look more like Randy in A Christmas story than winter chic.

These tips will help you keep warm out in the winter weather while allowing you to take off layers to adjust to other settings you might be in (like an 100 degree Women’s Gender Studies Class).

For class you can still be warm and comfortable while being stylish

You can layer with a skirt by adding tights, boots and a cardigan to a simple skirt and tee.

Layers are perfect for looking chic while staying warm for a night out. Tip: Wear knee high socks over patterned tights for a unique layered look


2 responses to “Chic Winter Layers

  1. I love the pieces you selected, especially the boots in “Layering for Class” and “Casual Layers”. Any advice on where to get them?

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