Merry Christmas Fashionistas!

It’s Christmas Eve and after spending the day exchanging gifts with my boyfriend and his family, I have managed to make time to write one more post before starting the Christmas activities. Whether you believe in the story of Christmas or celebrate the Holiday as purely a season of giving, I wish you all a happy day tomorrow.

Christmas for me is about giving. I love picking out gifts specific to a person and I love seeing their face as they unwrap it even more. Being 19 (almost 20) I no longer have the pure giddy excitement as I did when I was younger (oh to be six again). But I do love the spirit of Christmas: the decorations, the cookies, and the contagious jolly spirit. While I do miss the magic of Christmas that I saw when I believed in Santa I now see Christmas in a new light.

So regardless of your beliefs I hope your Christmas is fully of spirit, laughter, family, friends, love, fellowship and of course peace on earth (Pageant girls aren’t the only ones who want it). So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fashionistas! I will see you again when I have recovered from the sugar coma of Christmas.



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