Shop Your Closet

The worst nightmare for any fashionista is getting in a fashion rut. We’ve all been there, you know, when one day you wake up and suddenly you feel like you have nothing to wear. Normally when I get the feeling that I’m tired of my clothes I have the urge to shop. But shopping only fills up my closet more and leaves less in my wallet. With my limited closet space (thank you college dorms) and being a poor college student, this habit is not beneficial. So instead I’ve learned to shop my closet.

This starts with going through my closet head to toe. The best thing to do is pull out all your clothes and lay them out so you can see them all better (while your doing this you might as well do a little closet cleaning too). Then start mixing and matching clothing.  We can all tend to get in the habit to wear this skirt with that shirt every time but getting in that pattern will only wear out the pieces in your closet faster. Try new combinations that you haven’t worn before, be daring this is when you will find some of the most unique combinations. Another good thing to do is bring over your most trusted (and style respected) friend to help you. Sometimes it helps to get some fresh eyes. You’ve seen these clothes so much you might miss a new combination that your friend sees. This also will give you the opportunity to do a clothing swap with your friend. Clothing swaps are great ways to get new clothes for free. There may be a skirt your tired of that your friend loves, so if you guys swap clothes she gets a new-to-her skirt and you might get a new-to-you dress. All for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

Here are a couple items that I created using some general pieces that I’m sure you all have but mixing and matching them to get completely different outfits:


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