Must-Have Bags

What’s topping my list this holiday season: bags, bags and BAGS! Yes I’ve become obsessed with growing my bag collection. I’ve been spending most of my time keeping up with bag trends, shopping for steals on designer bags and online shopping for the perfect taupe bag (which I found and I’m hoping I will find under my Christmas tree on the 25th). So I thought I’d share my findings with you.

Now when shopping for bags I tend to want versatility out of my purses. I like having maybe one or two bold bags but when it comes to the bulk of my purses I want a purse I can wear with everything and a purse I will have for a while. So here are a few tips for bag shopping:

  1. Trends save don’t splurge! Trends come and go so when it comes to buying the latest purse trend don’t invest. Save your money you can find purses that look almost identical for 1/4th the cost of designer bags. So you get the look you want without breaking the bank.
  2. Keep colors neutral. Neutral colors mean more versatility. While I did recently fall in love with an ASOS faux croc yellow bag, I can get more use out of a tan or black bag.
  3. Invest in classic styles. Basic classic bags can last you years so it wouldn’t be a waste to put a little more money into those.

Here are my must-have bags for winter and even spring (if you shop correctly):


One response to “Must-Have Bags

  1. brandbagfactory

    It’s really nice. But today I in bought a bag. Pretty cheap

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