Tips to Surviving the Holiday Crowds

I hit the mall today for a little (well deserved) retail therapy only to come out as stressed as when I went in. Don’t get me wrong I love malls. I love the store windows lined with unique displays, the hustle-and-bustle of people. I especially love it during the holidays when the mall is filled with Christmas lights, wreaths, trees and decorations. But I do not like the mall when the stores are packed to the brim with people, making it impossible to move around let alone find what you need. The number of people makes the stores a million degrees hotter and the loud chattering of people makes it impossible to think or relax. So by the end of your shopping adventure all you are is frustrated and hot. So I’ve decided to help my fellow fashionistas conquer the over-crowded holiday malls by arming them with helpful tips to get you in and out without feeling stressed or frustrated.

  1. Schedule your shopping endeavors to avoid “peak” times. “Peak” times being the malls most crowded days/hours. Avoid weekends. Stick to weekdays as most people are working or still in school. If you must go on weekends go early in the morning. Avoid the evenings on weekends, as they will be the most crowded.
  2. Make a list. Make it as specific as you can. That way you will know exactly what you need and exactly where to go to get it. Thus avoiding time trapped in crowded stores wandering around looking for stuff.
  3. Dress in comfortable, light layers. Yes it’s cold outside but once you get into a crowded mall that winter jacket will become your worst enemy. So dress in light layers that can be removed when the mall gets hotter.
  4. Leave the heels at home. Yes those six-inch heels do make your legs look great but after 30 min on your feet in a crowded mall your feet will hate you. Instead opt for more comfortable flats. Trust me being uncomfortable will only make your shopping experience more painful.
  5. Shop alone. Shopping with a friend is great for leisure but when shopping for a purpose (like Christmas shopping) this friend will only drag you down. With the holiday crowds its better for you if you only have to monitor yourself.

I hope you will find these tips helpful when maneuvering through the crowded holiday stores. Good luck holiday shopping fashionistas!


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