Cover Up with these Winter Coats!

It’s December and in Georgia we are starting to see the temperatures dropping. No longer can we get away with a light jacket, it’s time we break out the heavy artillery: winter coats. This season there are so many stylish options to keep you warm and looking fashionable during the cold weather

The Aviator Jacket: This is one coat trend that I’m completely in love with. This timeless classic has been given a whole new modern twist this season. This is one piece that I strongly recommend you invest in for the winter season. If you want for a more unique look then take a tip from Burberry by pairing it with wispy, delicate dresses.


The Cape: This winter jacket has become very popular this season. It creates a chic, polished look. Capes come in all styles, colors and cuts. The key is to find the perfect one for you. You can go for a more edgy stile like this one from General Assembly or you can stay classic with this cape from Top Shop. This winter coat is very versatile and the perfect addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe.


The Military Coat: The military trend has been very popular this season from being used on pants, skirts, shirts and jackets, so of course it’s going to be a must-have trend in winter coats. It’s a great coat to make a statement. One of the things I love most about military coats is the military details and the oversized buttons. This little details really create a one-of-a-kind fashion piece.


The Camel Coat: Neutral tones are very big this season and a camel coat is theperfect winter coat to embrace the neutral tone trend. This coat creates a chic, classic look. Colors range from buff to cognac to my favorite taupe. The key is to find a color the highlights your skin tone and then hit the town in a classy look.


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