Style Screw Ups: Uggs with Shorts

It is time we accept that summer is long gone and that we lock up our summer wardrobe until the temperatures start rising again. Lately I’ve been noticing a major fashion flop: the Uggs with shorts trend. I know this is a scary to imagine that people actually leave their rooms wearing this ensemble but people do. And it’s time we rid the world of this awful fashion failure.

I know we all love our shorts but it’s time we accept that shorts can’t be worn throughout the entire year. Warm weather means shorts. Cold weather means pants. And just because you add a winter boots to a summer trend doesn’t make it ok.  Instead it makes you look ridiculous. If you’re trying to make this trend popular, then stop. Just because a lot of other people are crazy enough to follow this trend does not mean this trend is appropriate or stylish in any way. For one, those who do wear this trend don’t even bother putting on a pair of nice shorts. Instead they are wearing ratty jean shorts or gym shorts. So not only do you look like your completely oblivious to what season it is but you also look homeless. This outfit looks like you woke up late and forgot to put pants on. Maybe you like this outfit because it’s comfortable or maybe it’s just an easy outfit to throw on or maybe you just like wearing shorts when the weather doesn’t permit it. Whatever the reason may be: STOP! This outfit is in no way cute, stylish or least of all sexy. If your trying to mimic this look worn often by Miley Cyrus then you succeeded in following in her footsteps as well as looking ridiculous. Stars make mistakes too and this is one fashion mishap I’m sure even Miley regrets.

So lets keep the gym shorts for the gym and lock the jean shorts away for the warmer season. While I’m one for mixing and matching trends/styles, this is one look that should have always been kept separate. Stop the horror and keep your shorts away from your Uggs or you might be labeled a SYLE SCREW UP!

Caught someone in the act making this featured style screw up or maybe another style screw up you feel needs to be featured? Take a picture and email it to me:

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