Style to GOSSIP about!

When it comes to television shows with great style, Gossip Girl definitely stands above the rest.  From the designer labels worn by Blair and Serena to Vanessa’s eclectic hippie style to Jenny’s rocker chic look, Gossip Girl doesn’t lack in the style department. Even the male characters are dressed to impress. Gossip Girl introduced a unique twist on the schoolgirl look when the show first started. But since the characters graduated their preppy private school, they have ditched the knee socks, plaid skirts, and headbands for a more polished college look. With the show in it’s fourth season the fashionistas of Gossip Girl are started off their sophomore year of college in style.

#1. Lace Dress; #2. Brown Capelet; #3. Lace Tights; #4.Bow Heels; #5. Lace Top; #6. Lace Skirt; #7.Black Velvet Capelet

Blair Waldorf is the ultimate queen bee. From her perfectly coiffed hair down to her designer clothes everything about Blair’s style is perfectly structured, and flawless. When it comes to Blair’s wardrobe it’s all about dresses and skirts. “Queen Bee” wouldn’t dare stepping out in pants, which makes jeans most definitely out of the question.  Being the quintessential “East-Sider” that she is, of course Blair’s closet is packed full of designer duds. But if you’re a college student like me, Designer clothes probably aren’t in your budget. So instead opt for a more budget-friendly options like H&M and Charlotte Russe. Look for dresses/skirts that are structured with girly details like lace and ruffles to get the Blair essence. To get this classic Blair ensemble start with the main piece a lace dress.  One of the key parts to this ensemble is Blair’s classy espresso capelet. This adds a unique stylish element to the ensemble. Complete the ensemble with black lace tights, a simple strand of pearls and classic black pumps. For a more unique look you could mix a lace skirt with a long sleeve lace top and a black velvet caplet. The key to channeling Blair is keeping it classic, polished and flawless.

#1. Basic Black Stripped Tee; #2. Slouchy Jean Blazer; #3. Grey Skirt; #4. Grey Heelsand Grey Booties; #5.Beige Chain Purse and Beige Boho Bag; #6. Gold Bangles

Serena Van der Woodson’s style is unlike Blair’s polished look. Serena tends to mix fashion pieces for a boho chic, edgy style. She’s not afraid to wear something crazy if it’s what she wants. Unlike Blair, Serena is often seen rocking the skinny jeans. She’s not afraid to be stylish but comfortable one day and then rocking a sequence dress the next day. This Upper East Side wild child isn’t afraid to be herself and it shows through her style. While like Blair Serena is most always wearing designer labels, her style is definitely easier to imitate when it comes to cost. In season four Serena rocked this ensemble with style while on campus. Here’s how to get a more wearable version of this look. Start with a simple stripped tee shirt and then pair it with a slouchy jean blazer. Pair it with a simple black skirt or for a more fun look you can pair it with a sequin skirt like Serena. Accessories with gold bangles, a beige bag and grey shoes whether they be pumps or booties.

#1. Patterned Dress; #2. Teal Peacoat; #3. Fringe Boots; #4. Leatherette Day Bag; #5. Colored Tights; #6. Teal Hoop Earrings; #7. Floral Teal Ring; #8. Yellow Silk Scarf

While Serena and Blair are ruling the East Side, Vanessa Abrams is rockin’ her style down in Brooklyn. This fashionista doesn’t bother with labels or brands, which makes her style easy to imitate and affordable. Her quirky, unique style definitely sets her apart from the others. The key to Vanessa’s style is color and patterns. She is definitely bold and not afraid to mix and match patterns or colors. This season Vanessa’s style has definitely evolved but she hasn’t stopped being bold. For this fall Vanessa inspired look start with a bold patterned dress. Then use the bold colors in the dress to incorporate into your accessories. Pick one bold color for the jacket like Vanessa’s bold orange jacket. Pick another color for your tights like Vanessa’s blue tights. Accessorize with a fun scarf and colorful jewelry. Finish it off by wearing brown fringe boots and a brown hobo bag like Vanessa for a great fall look. The key to Vanessa’s style is to not be afraid of color and patterns. Be bold!


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