Wet, Wild and Styling!

When the weather is gross, the last thing you want to do is try to look cute. It seems that rain has been hitting everywhere the past few days. As I was walking to work last week in the pouring rain I had a complete movie moment: A car sped right in front of me splashing a huge puddle of water on me. Needless to say I went to work soaking wet. It was as I was peeling the wet clothes off me when I got home that I thought, “Why should I let a rain ruin my whole day”. In movies they always make rain romantic but we all know rain is cold, wet and gross. But I for one am no longer letting rain ruin my sense of style. So instead I’ve come with some great way to stay cute and dry when the rain clouds come.

NECESSARY ITEMS: Rain boots, rain jacket, umbrella. These items are what you need to stay dry when the wet weather hits. I remember being a kid and having to wear this hideous green rain jacket. But now there are so many cute ways to dress for the rain.

Rain boots are now in many styles, colors, and patterns. From short boots to tall boots to cowboy rain boots. The key is finding a pair that you like. If you want you could go for a fun patterned one or you can keep it simple with just one color. You don’t need to spend a couple hundred dollars on Coach rain boots to be styling in the rain. Cheaper stores like target have rain boots just as cute but for a much more reasonable price.

When it comes to rain jackets you don’t need to wear a plastic jackets. There are many other jacket options that are water resistant. My favorite jacket for rainy weather is a short trench coat. It’s very classy with keeping you warm and dry at the same time. When it comes to colors for a jacket, I recommend getting a more neutral color so it can be worked into many different outfits. But colors are fun too!

You can accessorize your rain look in many ways. Add scarves for style and warmth or a cute headband to spice it up your hair. You can also add a cute hat to cover your hair to keep your head dry and stylish. The key is not to wear anything in the rain that could get ruin. That means stay away from wearing suede and leather as water can ruin them. With these tips you no longer have to feel gross when the weather outside is icky. Instead you can beat the rain funk but looking stylish and cute while staying dry at the same time.

Here are a few stylish outfits to keep you cute and dry:


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