Sweatshirts with a fashion twist

Being a college student having to wake up early to go to class, sometimes you’re not in the mood to look nice. The classic trend around Ohio University seems to be sweatshirts and jeans. Yet when the weekend roles around we break out our cute fall trends. Why is this? It’s because we are more rested on the weekends and have more time to get ready. I too will will fall prey to this trend and trade style for a more easy and comfortable alternative. But why can’t we have it all: Ease, style and comfort. Well we can now! Here are a few quick ways to turn your basic sweatshirt and jeans outfit into a fashion statement.

#1: Faux fur is a very popular this fall. So for a quick fix add a faux fur vest to a basic sweatshirt. Pair it with a cute pair of flats or boots. In a matter of minutes you have a quick, stylish and comfy look.

#2: Statement necklaces are a great way to spice up an outfit. So the next time you throw on a sweatshirt add a statement necklace and pair it with a simple pair of flats. You will have a chic way to wear a sweatshirt.

#3: Want to give your sweatshirt a little more edge? Layer it with a leather jacket. Not only will it keep you warm but it also adds style and edge to a comfy look. Pair it with black boots to polish the ensemble off.

#4: Another idea is to add a colorful scarf or even add a belt to a baggy sweatshirt. These are quick ways to take a simple sweatshirt to a whole new level.

#5: If you have more time one night you could always glam up your sweatshirt by adding studs or buttons. DIY projects are a fun way to create a unique piece of clothing like this teen vogue DIY.

I know how easy it is to just wake up and throw on a sweatshirt. But with these quick tips you can turn a boring outfit into a stylish and chic ensemble. No longer do you have to sacrifice sleep or style. Instead you can be well rested and still go to class in style.


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