One hELLE of a style!

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 Legally Blonde was one of my favorite movies and now that it has been made into a musical I love it even more. Legally Blonde the musical has all of the humor, style and entertainment from the movie but mixed in with amazing song and dance numbers. But what makes Legally Blonde the musical such a hit in my eyes are the costumes. From Elle’s pink pattern dress in the opening number to the pink glittering band uniform to the final hot pink business suit. The costumes are what really bring the essence of Elle Woods from Hollywood to Broadway!

What makes Elle’s fashion stand out is she is not afraid to be bold! Whether she is starting her first day of Harvard sporting a pink Harvard shirt, pink leather jacket with pink boots or strutting with confidence into a party in a playboy bunny outfit. When Elle does fashion she doesn’t hold back or cut any corners. They key to Elle’s bold style is finding a look she is comfortable with. Elle’s signature color is obviously pink and she is rarely seen without it. Even when Elle toned down her style to look more professional by wearing a navy business suit, she still managed to incorporate her style by mixing in a pair of bright pink pumps.

The key to fashion isn’t how much your dress cost, where you got it, whether it’s designer or not. The key to fashion is being yourself. Any girl can throw on a dress but to really pull off the dress you have to wear it with confidence. When it comes to fashion it’s important to take the newest trends and adapt them to fit your style. You just have to learn what your style is and how to use it. A simple way to adapt trends to be your own is to incorporate your signature color.  Everyone has one, it’s that one color you always turn to, the one color you feel the most confident or beautiful or sexy in. Find that color and use it to help create a trend to be your own. You incorporate your color in many ways: in a pair of killer pink heels or a blue scarf or a purple headband. It’s a simple way to make an outfit more unique to you.

If you haven’t found your own personal style yet don’t worry you will. It just takes time for you to figure out what you like: whether you have a more edgy style or a bohemian look or if you strut a more classic style. Whatever it may be, the key is to embrace who you are and your own personal taste. Fashion is about expressing yourself. You wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you. So my biggest tip to all you fashionistas out there is confidence. Whatever you’re wearing whether it is a pair of six-inch stilettos or simple flats, wear it with confidence. Wear it like Elle.


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