Being BOLD this Fall

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 There is one thing fashionistas in Africa are good at and it’s being bold: From animal prints on the runway to bold patterns on the streets at Capetown fashion week.

Bold patterns were very popular off the runway at Capetown fashion week. From colorful prints to tribal patterns fashionistas stood out in their stylish bold attire. This season in the U.S. neutral colors are very much “in” this season. But I personally feel neutral can get boring. So let’s take notes from Africa’s fashion week and put a little boldness into our fall wardrobe. When looking for patterns for fall, be careful in picking the pattern.  Make sure you stick with fall colors: browns, oranges, navy, etc. Tribal patterns are a great pattern for fall with their bold look and rich colors. You can incorporate patterns in many aspects of your wardrobe whether in a top like this abstract print or in a dress like this more subtle grey and ivory pattern, or when accessorizing like in a fun scarf. You can pair any of these items with more muted fall hues for a bold fall look.

Animal prints covered the runway at Capetown fashion week especially in the Kluk CGDT show. Animal prints aren’t just heating up the streets of Africa they are also hot this fall in America. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. I for one am a big fan of the animal prints. My favorite animal print this fall is leopard print; it has such great fall colors. Animal print is a great way to spice up your fall wardrobe. The key is don’t over do it, you want a pop of animal print not an entire animal print ensemble. You want to essence of the animal, you don’t want to look like one.  When wearing leopard print pair it with beige or black for a chic look.  For instance you could pair this leopard dress with these pair of black pumps. Be careful in buying animal print clothing, look for good quality fabrics. Cheap fabrics can make you animal print attire look more trashy than chic. If you’re not ready to jump into animal prints head first then start with simple accessories. Animal print accessories will not be hard to find this season. Animal print heels are very popular this season and are great way to spice up your look. You can add them to a pencil skirt and blouse to make your business look fun or to a neutral dress for a sexy ‘night on the town’ look. My favorite animal print footwear are leopard print booties. Super sexy, chic and great fall footwear. Whether incorporated in a cute handbag or in a fun scarf or even in your footwear. It’s easy to put a hint of animal prints into your fall ensembles.

For those of you truly bold fashionistas here is a fun look to try. Mix and match prints! Break the rules a little and pair a tribal print top with a leopard print skirt, add a neutral jacket to polish it off. Be sure to keep accessories to minimum to keep the look stylish instead of messy.

I recommended you invest in either of these two fashion trends. Add some pizzazz into your fall wardrobe. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to resort to a boring neutral fall wardrobe. Mix in some bold patterns and make fall fun!


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