Faux Fur: From Japan to America

Japan has always been known for its fashion as well as the residents that live there. The streets of Japan are more like runways for Japanese fashionistas and what is the most popular trend being worn on the streets of Japan for fall? Faux fur boots and faux fur legwarmers!

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Fur footwear have been appearing in shops all over Tokyo, but its fur boots that are the most popular along with furry legwarmers. The charm of furry legwarmers is that you can make any foot wear, whether it be non-fur boots or sandals or heels, look like fur boots. I can see the appeal in furry legwarmers as you can get more use out of them then buying one pair of fur boots.

Faux fur is also a trend that is hot this fall. Whether on a jacket, vest, shoes or a bag, you can find fur everywhere this season.  Luckily stores like Target and Forever 21 are selling affordable faux fur this season. Note that I said faux fur, as real fur is extremely pricey and this fashionista is not one willing to sacrifice cute animals in the name of style. Keep these rules in mind when shopping for a faux fur jacket or vest: Keep it simple, Keep it tailored. What I mean by keep it tailored it that fur tends to add bulk to your body so it’s in your best interest to find a coat or vest that suits and fits your figure perfectly. If you have a bigger frame, since fur adds bulk you might want to opt for a faux fur vest. If you are a bustier girl I’d go for a jacket that is mid-thigh or longer because it will prevent added bulk to an area that has enough.

You can also incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe in the form of accessories. One of my favorite accessories is a faux fur stole but this isn’t the only accessory. Faux fur boots are fairly popular whether they are fur trimmed or fur covered.  Faux fur can also be found on purses this year, though I’m not exactly a fan. But one fur accessory that I find to be a necessity (especially in colder areas) is a fur “trapper” hat. Not only are they do they make a statement they are also extremely warm.

Just remember when wearing fur keep it simple. Since you are already making a statement with a fur jacket, vest or accessories keep the rest of your outfit simple. Faux fur is great way to spice up your fall/ winter wardrobe this year. You can make a statement without too much effort. So channel your inner Rachel Zoe and hit the streets in style.


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