Denim on Denim: Do or Don’t

For the women of Los Angeles, Denim on denim is no longer seen as a fashion “no-no”. According to the Los Angeles Times, the women of LA are embracing denim on denim as a great new style. But is this really a trend that should be embraced?

I for one have always been heavily against the denim on denim look or as I like to call “The Redneck Tuxedo”. So when I first heard about this trend I of course turned my nose up in disgust. But as I began to look at this new trend more I began to slowly embrace the look. For one the look does make a very cute fall ensemble and it’s easy to put together since I’m sure we all have a great deal of denim stocked in our closets. The denim on denim look can be a stylish fall look … If done correctly!!

This style can either be a hit or miss. So if you like this look and your bold enough to pull it off here are a few tips to succeed.

#1. First pick out the jeans you want to wear. Make sure the wash of your jeans is fairly basic. Don’t use a wash that has too much bleaching or dying. A more raw wash looks best.

#2: From there go either a few shades lighter or darker than your jeans in your top (whether it be a jacket, a vest or a shirt)

#3. This is the most basic rule. It might seem like a no brainer but it’s crucial to know. Make sure your two denims do NOT match. This can make or break the trend. If you walk out in matching light-wash jeans and jean-shirt you will be sporting the perfect example of a redneck tuxedo.

#4. When it comes it accessorizing I say stay simple: Maybe a brown leather belt or brown leather bag. And for shoes stick to simple, neutral color shoes. Over-accessorizing can break the look and cause a fashion failure.

As for me, I have to say i will not be seen sporting this style. While I find it a cute change in style, Its just not a style that will be making it’s way to my wardrobe. But for those of you willing to embrace this trend with open arms just remember my tips and you will definitely hit the mark sporting your denim on denim style


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