Southern Style

Ralph Lauren's fall line shows great ways to embrace jackets!

Georgia is home to delicious peaches, southern hospitality and Southern belles with a knack for great style, whether it’s putting a little more structure in their style or going a little more western!

Putting more structure into style: Those Georgia Peaches know style and this fall they’ve switched out the classic cardigan for blazers and structured jackets. While the cardigan is a classic and cute look, blazers/jackets provide more structure and make your outfit look more put together. Whether you pair it with simple tee and skinny jeans for a great day-time fall look or pair it with a great dress for a night on the town, This look is great no matter where you live.

Bringing the West to your closet: “Western Couture” is definitely in this fall and Georgia’s girls aren’t missing a beat in embracing it. Georgia fashionistas are breaking out their cowboy boots, their leather belts and bags, their plaid and welcoming fall with open arms. Now some of you may be a little reluctant to embrace this western style but here are a few tips for those of you not as bold in embracing western wear.

Ralph Lauren knows how to do "Western Couture"

#1. Start off slow with some leather belts and bags! Come on… what says fall better then leather?

#2. Now work in the boots! Some might not want to go all out with cowboy boots but there are lots of alternatives. Many stores offer boots that are inspired by cowboy boots. These are a cute and fashionable alternative.

If you don’t want the cowgirl look at all then check out a pair of riding boots! These boots are super cute, super stylish and are still along the lines of the western style.

#3. Plaids,Plaids, Plaids! I recommend getting a cute plaid shirt. I feel plaids are always great for fall and a simple plaid shirt with jeans makes for a cute and quick outfit. One of my sources for Georgia fashion, Catherine Meyers, also gave me a super cute, and unique way to wear plaid: pair a plaid shirt with a cute tweed mini and blazer. It’s a cute and classy way to do plaid!


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